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Setting up the Point of sale
Setting up the Point of sale

Learn how to get your point of sale set up

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The point of sale is a very important feature in Spark. You want to make sure you add every item that you sell in your school. Whether it is t-shirts, sparring gear, or belts. The more items you have in your products the quicker it will be to process a transaction. Before you can create a product you have to enter your suppliers and categories. At least one of each.

What is a Supplier or Vendor?

If you are selling a product that you do not make or reselling a service that another company would perform, then a Supplier/Vendor is the name of the company you buy the product/service from. If It is a service or a product that you sell that you perform the actual service, then you would be the Supplier/Vendor. You are required to have at least one Supplier entered.

What are Income Categories?

Income Categories are a way to segment the income you make on your products and services that you sell. You can run a report to see exactly where your income is coming from. Let's say you sell online courses, merchandise like T-Shirts, and consulting. You may wish to see how much of your income came from your merchandise sales. In this case, we would create three Income Categories: 1. Merchandise, 2. Online Courses, and 3. Consulting. You can add as many income categories as you like. Having at least one income category is required.

What are Product/Service Categories?

Product/Service Categories are a way to segment your products and services that you sell. TShirts, Hats, Shoes, Coaching, Consulting, Graphic Design... all examples of Product/Service Categories.

Once you have added all of your suppliers and categories you can go ahead and enter your products. Make sure to place your products in the right categories for proper tracking. 

Once you have added the product you can add it to "quick list" what this does is it gives you the option to quickly select the item when you open the point of sale instead of searching for it. 

Lastly, you want to add sizes. Here is a quick video on sizes. 

Here is a quick video on how to use the Point of Sale

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