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What offer converts best? (How to find out! Plus 7 proven, high converting offer examples)
What offer converts best? (How to find out! Plus 7 proven, high converting offer examples)

Paid trial? Free trial? 1 class? 2 weeks? Oh my!

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Hey! David Tendrich here, Ignite co-creator.

This is a question we get asked a lot!

And this is always my answer: Test.

See, and this is *especially* true if you're reading this during "corona-pocalypse," local markets vary a lot!

What crushes it in one area can fall flat on its face in another.

But! There are some shortcuts to identifying what offer will work best in your area:

First: Is there an offer that has historically worked great for you?

If you get on the phone with a lead, is there an offer that you *know* will get them in the door? That's a great starting point to test in your Facebook ads / website!

I can't tell you how many times I've had this convo with schools:

Me: "What offer worked the best for you of all time?"

School: "Well, this one offer worked great for us, but [insert consultant] said we should switch to this one..."

Me: "Did that offer work?"

Them: "No!"

Me: "Well, I'd go back to what works!"

And what do you know? They switch back to that offer... and it works!

Your experience is greater than anything a consultant could ever tell you.

That doesn't mean throw away anyone else's advice! Try it! It might work better! But if it doesn't... stick with what works ;)

(That includes advice I might give you, too!)

Second: Is there a highly successful school in your area? If so, what intro offer are they using?

There's a good chance that offer will work for you, too! For example, if I had a school in the same area as Grandmaster Park... I would always test his exact offers!

That's because I know he's always testing and throwing away what doesn't work.

This doesn't guarantee it will work for you too... but it's a great starting point.

Typically, one of two offer types works in an area:

Free, or paid.

Weirdly, if a paid offer works great in an area, a free offer usually doesn't, and vise versa.

So first we need to figure out, is your area a "free offer" area, or a "paid offer" area?

The first clue is #2 above. See what schools that you *know* are successful are doing, and start by replicating them. 

(There's a reason Samsung copies Apple and vise versa.)

At the same time, you can test these high converting offer examples.

These come from Logan Snyder.

Logan runs all of Grandmaster Park's locations' Facebook ads.

He is brilliant at it! He is always testing, always improving. That's why I love him and refer people to him all the time! (If you'd like a referral -- just ask us in Live Chat!)

From LIVE TESTING, Logan has found the following offers to work best:

  • 2 weeks free + free uniform / gift*

  • 4 weeks for $48 + free uniform / gift*

  • 2 weeks for $25 + free uniform / gift*

  • 1 free class + free uniform / gift*

  • Free 1-on-1 intro class

  • 3 classes + free gloves / gift* for $19.99

  • 6 weeks for $69 + free uniform / gift*

Note: For VIRTUAL, paid offers almost *never* work. You'll want to run a FREE offer.

* Gifts only work if they have high perceived value! A uniform feels exclusive and expensive... gloves feel that way too... If you have a really nice / cool shirt, that can also work! 

Okay! That about covers it! So let's re-cap:

  1. Test what has historically worked best for you, even if consultants have told you it's bad

  2. Replicate with successful schools in your area are doing (and research them thoroughly! Including their sales process!)

  3. Keep testing other offers, including the great examples above

The key is this... Even when you have something that works great -- you have to try to beat it! That's why you ALWAYS have to test! 
Because tomorrow, it could stop working. That's how marketing goes. 

The only way to future-proof your business, is to keep beating your results. Endlessly.

To your success,

David Tendrich


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