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Territory Protection on Ignite Pro Websites
Territory Protection on Ignite Pro Websites

David Tendrich, Ignite Co-Creator, weighs in on the question: "Do we offer territory protection on Ignite Pro Websites?"

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Okay so good news and bad... plus advice on how to market your business *regardless* of what website anyone in your area has...

Bad news first, to get it out of the way: At this time, we do not have territory protection.

Now the good news: With that said, we are working on an alternate website version, so if an Igniter is nearby, you'll have totally different sites!

Now the advice: Unless you are in a very tiny town, it's really just about reaching people at the right time, and reaching them first, which means being very active with Facebook and Google ads.

People are initially just interested in two things:

1) Can you solve my problems? 2) Do you have a good deal to get started? 

If you do a great job of reaching people and addressing those 2 points, you'll do great in your marketing.

Also -- people don't really keep track of websites and brands initially... but they do keep track of those 2 points!

The idea is to create an experience from your ad and offer to just make people sign up right then and there and not think about it or research around!

But if people *do* research around... then you just need really stellar customer service & sales.

Researchers want to get on the phone and ask questions.

Whoever they like best after speaking on the phone... that's who they'll go with!

A website gets the convo *started*... but it doesn't *finish* the convo!

If 10 people near me had the same website, I wouldn't mind!

(And in fact, I've launched businesses in industries where competitors *did* copy our website and even offered "cheaper, faster service" -- yet we still beat them out! In fact, I've been in this situation many times!)

It wouldn't change my playbook which would be, no matter what:

  1. Get to the market first!

  2. Have a *great* intro offer!

  3. Have *great* customer service & sales!

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