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Ignite | "My Prospects/Trials/Members Are Getting Double Emails & SMS!"
Ignite | "My Prospects/Trials/Members Are Getting Double Emails & SMS!"

There's usually a very simple reason why! Let's dive in and fix it!

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Here are all the potential causes, and how to solve for each:

  1. Contacts have two sets of tags

  2. Two automations are using the same tag

  3. Contact opted in multiple times

  4. Contact opted in once, but used different information in web form / checkout / calendar (different email addresses or phone numbers)

Most popular cause:

Contacts have two sets of tags. How can you check? Like this!

  • If it's a very recent Lead, head to the "Lead & Trial Maximizer" under "Contacts" on the left-hand menu, and locate contact

  • You'll see all the tags, like so:

If it's an older contact, search for them at the top of Spark:

Then scroll down to "Assigned Tags":

  • You might notice TWO Ignite tags (see examples below)

  • Those will be either "interested-in-PROGRAM" or "ignite-program"

  • A prospect should have just ONE of these tags!

Here are two examples of a prospect having TWO Ignite tags:

Here's an example where it's OKAY for a prospect to have TWO tags:

(That's how Ignite knows they bought a trial!)

"Okay! The prospect has two tags! What do I do now?"

The question is... *why* do they have two tags? Here are possible answers and solutions for each:

  • Problem: A staff member is manually adding a tag.

  • Solution: Send this article to your staff so they understand how Ignite tags work!)


  • Problem: A website is adding two tags (if you see a website tag on the contact, such as "marketmuscles" or "MAMA" -- that could be a clue!)

  • Solution: Reach out to your website company and ask them to take a look!


  • Problem: None of the above are the case! I can't figure out why they have two tags!

  • Solution: Write in to Ignite Support via Live Chat! We'll take a look!

Next potential cause! Two or more automations share the same tag!

  1. Click on "Automation" on the left-side menu of Spark.

  2. Open up each Ignite automation by clicking the little arrow next to its name

  3. Check the tag assigned

Here, we can see two automations sharing the same tag!

Solution: If you have other Ignite tags ready for that program, we just need to change the Ignite tag in ALL of these places!

If you do *not* have Ignite tags for those programs already, then we can quickly create some, and here's how:

  1. Click "Tags" on the left-side menu of Spark

  2. Click "Add New Tag"

  3. Enter your new tag. Here are all the ones you need to create:

  • ignite-program-ma: your main tag for the automations

  • bought-ignite-program-ma: your main tag for registered trials

  • ignite-program-ma-no-show: your main tag for following up with no shows

If it's a VIRTUAL program, it'll look like this:

  • ignite-virtual-program-ma

  • bought-ignite-virtual-program-ma

  • ignite-virtual-program-na-no-show

Replace "program" with a program descriptor, like "teens" or "family"

Okay, now let's update our Automations, Checkout Pages, and Calendars with the Right Tags!

First: In the Automations: Expand open the automation by clicking the little arrow... then click "Ignite Settings"

Next: Adjust the tag here:

Next: We need to update the tag in the Checkout and Calendar used by that Automation

"Which checkout and calendar is that automation using?" In that same "Ignite Settings" page, you can see here:

Updating the Checkout

On the left-side menu of Spark, select "Checkout Pages."

Locate the checkout from the previous step, and click "Edit Checkout Page"

We need to update the tag in TWO places!

First: Add your new tag here (scroll down a bit to find this field):

Next, we need to update the purchase item (at the top of the page). Locate the correct purchase item(s), and click "edit item." Then, change the tag here to your new tag (it should be a "bought-ignite-program-ma" tag):

Next! Let's update the Calendar!

  • On the left-side menu, click Settings, then Calendar.

  • Select the Calendar from the previous step.

  • Add your no-show tags here and hit save:

Next! Someone opted-in two or more times to your website!

  • Problem: The contact opted-in TWICE to your website!

  • Solution: Locate & delete the duplicate contacts! Every time someone opts in, a contact is created. Unfortunately... nothing can be done about that at this time. But you can remove the duplicate contacts to reduce the amount of messages they get πŸ˜€

"None of the above! What do I do now?"

Write in to Ignite Support via Live Chat! We'll take a look! It's possible something is awry under the hood! We'll get to the bottom of it for you!

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