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Ignite | How to Let Prospects Skip Checkouts and Go Straight to a Calendar
Ignite | How to Let Prospects Skip Checkouts and Go Straight to a Calendar

A pre-call intro can be a great move, even outside of "coronapocalypse!" Here's how to use Ignite to get it done.

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So... Ignite can already work seamlessly by going straight from your opt-in form to a calendar!

Why skip a checkout and go straight from opt-in to calendar? This can work great in a couple instances:

  1. The market in your area is hesitant to purchase a trial online... but they're happy to come in and pay in person when they arrive

  2. You run a free trial, so a checkout might be redundant! Why not just get them to schedule right away? (On the other hand -- a checkout is a *great* "micro-commitment" -- AKA, you're getting them to complete an extra step, securing their commitment further)

Okay! But *how* do we do this with Ignite?

With a Spark Ignite Pro Website:

  1. Tell our team you'd like to do this! We'll take care of it all for you by setting your opt-in form to re-direct to your calendar, and adding the right tags so the right Ignite messages fire

  2. Oops! That's it! πŸ˜€

With any other website (Logan Snyder, MarketMuscles, 97Display, etc.):

  1. Let your website company know you'd like your opt-in forms to re-direct to your calendars

  2. Give them this tag to add to the form as well: "ignite-X-days" where "X" = the number of days in your trial

Breaking down the "ignite-X-days" tag (for my fellow geeks who like to know how and why stuff works):

  • When Ignite detects a contact with "ignite-X-days," it treats them as a "trial" rather than a "prospect"

  • This is a fancy way of saying, we skip Goal 1!

  • Remember: Goal 1 gets people to buy a trial. But since we're having the person buy the trial in-person at the time of their appointment... Or they have a free trial which starts when they show for their appointment... That means their trial start date = their appointment date!

  • So we don't need to get them to buy a trial!

What happens if they don't show for the appointment?

  • Same as always! Mark them as "no show" and Ignite will get to work to get them to re-schedule!

  • If/when they finally show up, mark them as "attended," and Ignite will start the Trial Nurturing phase! (Goal 4!)

Would you like to have your intro appointment be a *phone call* instead of an in-person meeting?

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