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Ignite | How to Have Your Intro Over the Phone or Zoom, Instead of In-Person
Ignite | How to Have Your Intro Over the Phone or Zoom, Instead of In-Person
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First off, if you're wondering how to use Ignite to skip checkout pages and send prospects straight to a calendar...


There are two ways to let people know their appointment is *over the phone or Zoom* instead of in-person!

Method 1: Tried and True

Simply call & text each new appointment and let them know! You can even copy/paste this message! (But make sure you update it with your correct info!)

Hey FIRSTNAME! David here from Spark Studios! So excited to meet you!! 
Quick heads up: The first meeting is just a quick "get to know you" phone call. I want to learn all about you and your goals to make sure we're the right folks to help you achieve them. 
Speaking of which -- how old is your kiddo? **

** Replace this with an adult-focused question for adults, like, "Speaking of which -- have you ever trained martial arts before?"

Method 2: Let's Add Some Automation

The best way to automate some of this is by sending new appointments to a THANK YOU PAGE that explains it's a phone call or Zoom!

Then, you set your thank you page right here in your calendar's settings

On the left-hand menu, go to Settings > Calendar

Click on the calendar you'd like to edit, then, paste your thank you page URL right here:

"I don't have a thank you page!"

I've got you covered! You can use mine!

But! You might want to add Facebook or Google tracking codes! So... Here's how to create your own in 4 minutes!

Next! You can customize reminders to remind people that it's a Phone/Zoom call and not in-person by adding messages here:

What would I do? Both!

I think combined, Methods 1 & 2 are a force to reckon with.

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