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Ignite | How to Edit Your Ignite Pro Website
Ignite | How to Edit Your Ignite Pro Website

Change text, images, and whatever else you'd like! Oh my! Here's how...

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Check out this video on editing your site!

Table of contents if you'd like to skip ahead:

  • 00:30 - How to login (Check out this article for more help here!).
    UPDATE: The login URL should be []/login and not []/wp-admin as in the video.

  • 01:40 - How to find the page you'd like to edit

  • 02:30 - How to edit text

  • 05:00 - How to change photos

  • 05:40 - How to edit the FAQ

  • 08:05 - How to edit icons

  • 08:50 - How to edit buttons

  • 10:50 - How to change the page the form redirects to

  • 11:30 - How to edit the countdown timer

  • 12:50 - How to save your changes
    NOTE: How to change tags and redirects and more..... is in the 2nd video below.

For a more detailed training on editing your website - please see this tutorial:

  • Adding a new program

  • Choosing what Ignite template to use

  • Cloning an existing page

  • Importing an Ignite Template

  • Setting your opt-in form redirect (to calendar or checkout or thank you page)

  • Where to add tags (so your Ignite automations will trigger)

  • Edits to the menu & footer can only be done by Ignite

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