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Ignite | Update Your Checkouts (Fast 'n Easy!)
Ignite | Update Your Checkouts (Fast 'n Easy!)

Need to change your trial offer? Then you probably need to change your Ignite checkouts, too! Here's how...

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Table of Contents:

  • 00:35 - How to access your Ignite Checkouts

  • 00:45 - How to identify which Checkouts are used by Ignite

  • 01:25 - Why you should edit your Ignite checkout and *not* create a new checkout

  • 02:00 - Editing the Purchase Item

  • 03:40 - Updating the Offer Headline

  • 03:55 - Locating anywhere else that needs edits (such as the Side Bar Copy)

  • 04:35 - Quick recap of all of the above!


  • Please be careful not to accidentally alter / remove your Ignite tags!

  • The main Ignite tag is located in the main Checkout Settings for each Checkout

  • The "bought" tag is located inside the Purchase Item

Cheat Sheet:

  • Access "Checkouts" on the left-side menu in Spark

  • Locate the Ignite Checkout you'd like to edit (look for the "Used by Ignite" red tag)

  • Open up that checkout

  • Edit the Purchase Item

  • Update the Purchase Item Name

  • Update the Purchase Item Description

  • Update the Cost of Purchase Item

  • Save your changes!

  • Next: You should be back inside the Checkout settings

  • Update the Offer Headline

  • Update the Side Bar Copy

  • Read through all other text to ensure nowhere else requires an update

That's it!

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