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Ignite | Making Sure Your Ignite is Set Up Just Right! (Plus: Quick Checklist for Tags, Checkouts & Calendars!)
Ignite | Making Sure Your Ignite is Set Up Just Right! (Plus: Quick Checklist for Tags, Checkouts & Calendars!)

A quick checklist to make sure your Ignite is all set up just right! You can also use this to diagnose any problems you might be facing!

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Quick Reference Cheat Sheet:

Not sure what any of this means? Scroll down for the full in-depth walkthrough πŸ˜€



Tag, On/Off, Etc.

Ignite Automation for a Specific Program

Tag Assigned

For all Goals except Goal 3B, the tag should be the same. For 3B, it should be a "no-show" tag.

Ignite Settings for a Specific Program

Trial Checkout and Calendar

A checkout and calendar should be present

Ignite Checkout for a Specific Program

Select a tag that will be added once the Checkout Page is completed

Should be the same tag under "Tag Assigned"

Ignite Checkout | Purchase Item

Has Membership?

On (the switch will be green)

Ignite Checkout | Purchase Item

Select a tag that will be added once the Checkout Page is completed

Either blank, the tag under "Tag Assigned," or bought-ignite-[style]

Ignite Calendar

No Show Tag


Ignite Calendar

Cancelled Appointment Tag

Optional (can be left blank): ignite-[style]-no-show


Web / Lead Forms

Must apply the tag from "Tag Assigned" to all new leads

Step 1: Check the tag being used by Ignite

We'll need to make sure this tag is consistent across your checkout and calendar linked to Ignite.

Head to your Ignite Automations by clicking "Automation" in the left menu

Scroll down until you see your Ignite Automations. Then open up the automation by clicking on the little arrow.

In the "Tag Assigned" column, all tags should be the *same* except for Goal 3B, like in the image below.

Keep a note of these two tags! We'll need to make sure your checkout and calendar both are using them.

Step 2: Review Your Checkout

First, click on "Ignite Settings" to see which Checkout & Calendar are linked to the Ignite Automation you're reviewing:

You'll see the names for each on that page:

If those are blank, or say "Please select an online scheduler" -- then you might not have a Checkout or Calendar linked to Ignite currently!

If so, you have two options:

  1. Have a checkout and calendar ready to go, they're just not hooked up to Ignite? Select them from the dropdowns

  2. Don't have a checkout and/or calendar ready? Here are some guides to help you:

You'll know if this step is relevant if either dropdown looks like this:

Next! On the left-side menu of Spark, select "Checkout Pages"

Locate the Checkout from the previous step, and click "Edit Checkout Page"

Scroll down and make sure the tag from Step 1 is present here:

Next, scroll back up and click "edit item" on your purchase item

First, make sure "Has Membership" is turned *on* (it will be green like the image below)

The next step is optional, but nice for quickly tracking your purchases and seeing who purchased a trial via your Ignite Checkout.

You can add a tag here called "bought-ignite-[style]"

It's okay if the below option is blank, and it's okay if it has the tag from Step 1 as well!

Step 3: Review Your Calendar

On the left-side menu of Spark, Click "Settings" then click "Calendar"

Click "Edit" on the Calendar from the dropdown in Step 2

It should have the "Used by Ignite" tag like you see below:

Make sure your "no-show" tags are present under "No Show Tag," and optionally, under "Cancelled Appointment Tag"

** They should be the same tag from Goal 3B in Step 1 **

If all of those ducks are in a row, then your Ignite should be all ready to go!

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Those still don't do the trick? Reach out to Live Chat!

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