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Ignite | Creating a Calendar
Ignite | Creating a Calendar

Online booking is key for scaling your school. It all starts with your Spark Calendar...

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Quick note! Important!

This guide is *only* if you don't already have an intro calendar for each of your programs.

If you do -- you should use that for Ignite! And follow this guide on how to set up the tags...

Step 1: On the left-menu of Spark, click "Settings," then "Calendar"

Step 2: Scroll down a bit and click "Add New Calendar Type"

Step 3: Fill in the fields per this guide

What SMS message should be sent the day before?

Hi, {FIRST-NAME}. {instructor-name} here from {studio-name}. We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for your appointment: {APPOINTMENT-DETAILS} The journey is about to begin!

What SMS message should be sent the day of?

Hi, {FIRST-NAME}. Excited to see you today for your appointment: {APPOINTMENT-DETAILS}. Can't wait!

What email should be sent when they make an appointment?

Thank you so much for booking your first trial appointment with {studio-name}.

We are excited to have you in class soon: {APPOINTMENT-DETAILS}.

You're going to *love* it.

If you have any concerns or questions, please let us know!

See you soon!!




Step 4: Hit Save!

Access that guide now right here

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