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Ignite | Creating an Ignite Checkout
Ignite | Creating an Ignite Checkout

We've tested a *ton* of checkouts to see what works best... They're simple, but they *work*. Here's how you can leverage them yourself...

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Step 1: Click "Spark Ignite" in the left-menu in Spark

Step 2: Click "View Now" under "Checkout Pages"

Step 3: Click "Create Now" on the program that fits your needs

Adults can be used for *any* adult program, including fitness. It'll just need a little massaging to get it just right!

Step 4: Go through the wizard to generate a checkout that's right for you:

Step 5: Click "Checkouts" in the left menu of Spark, then locate your new Checkout

(It'll have the same name you typed into the previous step: "What would you like to name this checkout page?")

Step 6: Don't tweak things too much! But massage the language to make it accurate for your program and offer.

Make sure the "Purchase Item" at the top is accurate as well!

Hit Save! Then you're done!

"Why are the Ignite checkouts so... plain?"

We've tested elaborate ones with crazy images and videos and text a mile long...

But a checkout really has one job: Reiterate what your offer is, and then *get out of the way*!

That's why the Done-for-You Checkouts are plain in design: It works!

Your Landing Page should do the other heavy lifting! The checkout is just the closer at the end.

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