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Ignite | Next Steps | "What does tagging my leads mean?"
Ignite | Next Steps | "What does tagging my leads mean?"

Is your Ignite all set up and it's time to tag your leads? Here's a quick explainer on what that means.

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Tagging your leads is a key step for Ignite!

People have gotten as many as 50+ trials from this... Without spending a dime on advertising!

It just costs some SMS credits.

Of course, that depends on how many leads you have in your database, and how qualified they are.

But more often than not, people get a nice reply and at least a handful of trials!

But what does "tagging my leads" mean?

In a nutshell: It means we add the Ignite tag to your leads, and they instantly start getting the awesome Ignite messages.

The longer answer: Ignite is a pathway. The pathway offers different options based on actions people take, or don't take.

It's like one of those books where you choose the ending.

Well, the start of that pathway, is the Ignite tag.

The Ignite tag, when added to a contact, tells Spark, "Start sending this person the correct Ignite messages."

It tells Spark: "Send this person down the Ignite pathway."

So when we/you tag your leads, basically, they'll start getting the Ignite messages.

(Note: This will use SMS credits. You can disable SMS message in Ignite if you'd like. These days, SMS gets a way higher response rate than email, but if budget )

Go into your contacts, search all prospects, and bulk add the appropriate program's Ignite tag.

Then, the messages start firing...

Right away!

If you have a nice stash of existing leads/prospects, and former trials, you'll typically get a nice reply from that.

Want to make sure your Ignite tags are all set up just right?

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