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Ignite | "Can anything go wrong when tagging my leads?"
Ignite | "Can anything go wrong when tagging my leads?"

Yes! There are a few things to watch out for! Let's dive in...

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When you tag all your leads, they start instantly receiving Ignite messages.

For the most part, that's awesome! Your leads instantly start getting a carefully designed nurturing system crafted to convert.

But! Sometimes, it can lead to some awkward situations with current students and prospects...

Here are a few things to look out for:

Duplicate Contacts: If some of your students have more than one profile in Spark, but the other profile(s) are identified as "prospects" and not "members" -- they will get messages for prospects.

You might get some messages back from students saying, "Hey! We're already members! What's up with this?"

Or -- if leads have multiple profiles... well, they might get multiple copies of the same message.

Solution: Laugh it off! And blame it on me, "your marketing guy." A message like this works great:

"[Name]! I'm so sorry! Lol! Our marketing guy turned on this new system and it's sending out messages like crazy! We're getting it sorted right away! So sorry for that. How are you today? Hope you're awesome!!"

Incorrect Offer: Did you recently change your offer? Ignite might still have the previous offer connected to it.

How to check:

  • Click "Automations" on the left-side menu in Spark.

  • Expand the Ignite automation in question

  • Click "Ignite Settings" for that automation:

  • See the checkout page being used. If the checkout is well-labeled, the offer will probably be in the title:

  • Otherwise, to see what offer is in that checkout, click "Checkouts" in the left-side menu of Spark

  • Then find and open the checkout with the same name as the one in your Ignite Settings

Did the wrong offer go out to your leads? You have two choices!

  1. Honor it! Getting someone in the door is the #1 goal here. If that previous offer worked -- great!

  2. Are you using a new offer that converts BETTER, and the previous offer didn't work great? You can send out *another* message like so with the new offer to all your leads:

Oops! We accidentally sent you the wrong deal... We're running an even better one now on our life-changing Kids Martial Arts classes! Get [2 weeks FREE + a FREE uniform] -- next [20] sign ups only! Grab it now here: [LINK]

Make sure to fill in the [blanks]!

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