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Ignite | Two (2) Live Full Walkthroughs of Ignite!
Ignite | Two (2) Live Full Walkthroughs of Ignite!

No stone left unturned, no feature left unexplored!

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Video 1: In this video, Ignite co-creator David Tendrich explores every feature of Ignite and reveals some of the psychology behind what makes it so effective.

Video 2: In this video, David meets on Zoom with a school owner and his staff. They explore EVERY Ignite feature together. Mike Waite (school owner) and his staff ask all the questions you probably have, and get every answer you probably need!

Video 1: David Explores Ignite

Table of Contents

  • 00:00 - Intro

  • 00:45 - Who This is For + Changing Your Mindset Around Growing a School

  • 02:20 - The Masterminds Behind Ignite

  • 07:45 - "What the Heck is Ignite Anyway?"

  • 08:25 - Everything Ignite Comes With

  • 11:43 - Ignite Birds Eye Overview

  • 14:20 - Breaking down Ignite Pro Websites (and why they're so effective)

  • 22:00 - The 8-Layers of Ignite Automated Follow Ups ("The Follow Up Machine") + Psychology Hacks Ignite Leverages for Results

  • 32:40 - Revealing the Done-for-You, Year-Round Email, SMS, and Facebook Campaigns (For Every Holiday & Season)

  • 37:00 - The Birthday RSVP Machine (Super Cool)

  • 39:35 - Done-for-You Checkouts + Landing Pages

  • 42:45 - The Coronavirus Rescue Kit

  • 45:01 - Results of Real School Owners Leveraging Ignite

  • 52:30 - Next Steps! (Take These Action Steps Now)

Video 2: Live Walkthrough With Mike Waite (School Owner) and his Staff

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