Exporting from MindBody

A walk-through on how to get your data out of MindBody

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MindBody offers a paid ($500 USD) export which has all of your clients data including your customers' financial information, (CC & ACH).
*Please contact MindBody for further clarification on what is exported.

*If you'd like to help us build onto this guide to create a manual exportation method, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Step 1: Email MindBody's support team at [email protected] and ask for: "an export of my entire database, including financial information."

Step 2: They should email you to confirm & authenticate your request. Prepare to provide both your last 4 card digits and photo ID as well as your responses to their questions. Shortly after, you should receive your export from [email protected].

Step 3: Forward the emails containing the data export to us at [email protected]. We will take it from there and have everything imported into your account within 3 business days.
Please be sure to include your Spark ID in your email for quick identification :).
(This can be found at the top left of your Spark Software)

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