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Migrating Your Data Into Spark
Data that can be imported into Spark
Data that can be imported into Spark

A list of all the data that is importable into Spark through the Spark Data Team

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As for a list data that is Importable into Spark :

  1. Contact Information :

    • Name

    • Contact Type

    • Birthday

    • Barcode ID

    • Gender

    • Source

    • Phone Numbers

    • Emails

    • Address

    • Notes

    • Emergency Contacts Name/Phone #

    • Medical Concerns

    • Guardian 1/2 Name

    • Quit Reason

    • Last Attended

    • Custom Fields

    • ATA Number/Expiration

  2. Attendance

  3. POS

  4. Ranks

  5. Memberships

  6. Past Transactions / Invoices

  7. Payment Methods

As for a list data that is NOT Importable into Spark :

  1. Student/Profile Pictures

  2. Signed Agreements

  3. Roster setups

  4. Membership/Rank Setups

    The listed data NOT importable and will have to be set up manually in the Spark Software.

NOTE: If you'd like the template to any of the data listed above that is importable, please let us know by contacting us through the Data Department intercom chat requesting for a template or email us at [email protected]

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