How much is Spark?

Spark costs explained. No hidden fees!

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There are 3 packages for Spark. Spark Basic starts is $239 a month. Spark VIP + is $299 and Spark Premium is $499. For information on what each package contains please go to this link.

The only fees you would pay for, and these are optional, are sms text credits, a custom white labeled student app, and Spark Ignite. I added a break down of these fees below.

SMS Credits - We use a third party sms service that handles the texting. Because the number used for texting is a real number there is a monthly fee to have the number. The good news is that we will pay the fee. You only need to worry about paying for the sms credits. 1 sms credit = 1 text message that you can send out. We have packages of credits that you can purchase and you only need to purchase them as you run out.

To help you save money we have a student app that connects to the owner app where as long as you message the student via the app using push notifications its completely free. So you can decide to only use sms credits for appointment reminders, prospect messaging, and very important messages.

Custom White Labeled App - We have a student app that your students will love that comes free with your Spark subscription. The app will have our name and logo, but if you would like the app to be fully branded for your business you can purchase your own app. It is $499 set up fee and $199 a year. You will only need an apple developer account which will cost you $99 set up fee and $99 a year that you will pay to apple. The difference between free and paid apps are only the logo and name of the app. All of the features will be exactly the same.

Spark Ignite - This is an add-on done for you marketing service that comes with amazing done for you marketing, landing pages, Facebook ads, email campaigns, and so much more including a FREE website. This add on service is only an additional $199 a month and it helps take your business to the next level.

Those are the only 3 additional things that are OPTIONAL that you would have to pay for aside from the $199 a month Spark fee.

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