What is Spark?

Quick explanation of what Spark is all about

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What is Spark?

Spark is an all in one CRM platform designed to help you run your business and make your life easier while helping make you more money. It was built with powerful features designed specifically to remove the frustrations of owning a martial arts business and help you grow your business.

Think of Spark as a Swiss knife of features that all connect together to create a powerful employee thats working for you 24/7 while you go do the other things that you love to do.

"Spark is built by Martial Artists for Martial Artists"

Here are some of the many features you will get with Spark

Interactive Dashboard

Calendar (syncs with Google)

Tasks for your employees

Full landing page builder

Member app for your students

Lead and Trial Maximizer for prospect followups

Online booking capability with appointment reminders

Full Point of Sale and inventory tracking

Powerful automations with many different trigger options

Owner App for you and your staff

New Member Maximizer

Attendance tracking

email, sms, and push notifications

Projects feature

Form and survey creator for waivers

Franchise Dashboard

Rank promotions made easy

checkout pages for online sales

University feature for online curriculum

Full digital agreements and membership Kiosk

Sms Keyword Capability

connect your website with webforms

powerful reports to track everything in Spark

Automatic payment collection

clock in/clock out for staff

Click the button below for more details of the features Spark has to offer.

Who Is Spark for?

Spark is not for everyone. Thats the honest truth and we are all about honesty. Spark is for the school owner that feels they are ready to get some of their time back and allow Spark to take over with some of the day to day tasks.

Spark is for the school owner that wants to grow their student base and open a second location or just run a very successful location.

Spark is for the school owner that knows that great products are more expensive than decent products for a reason. They don't see Spark as money lost, but as an investment to help them with their business. They understand why Spark is a bit more expensive than others because they can see how it is a small investment for the many things it will help them with.

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