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Step by step walk-through of how to get your data out of Rainmaker and into Spark

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Rainmaker offers a free (please notify us if changed) export which has all of your contacts information, including your customers' financial information (CC & ACH), Ranks, and their membership/billing info as well as a simple export, all the same, but without financial data.

We recommend downloading a simple export and sending it to our team, and then requesting the financial data export from Rainmaker using the steps below.

To export all data excluding financial data, navigate from from Reports> Contacts> and Contact Program Overview. From here, be sure to select all contacts, export to CSV and send it to us at [email protected]

After sending us the above mentioned file,
please proceed to the next section of the guide.


Rainmaker Export Financial data - Step by Step

**Please note this process can range anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks in length depending on how many requests the companies currently have in queue.
Additionally, you will have to have payment processing active on Spark before this can be requested. To set up Payment Processing, please contact Colton Lehmann at (954) 294-5224 and email [email protected]

Step 1: Compose an email to [email protected] with this text in the body:

"I would like an export of all of my Contacts including financial information, please."

After which, they'll send you a Form to fill out.

Step 2: For these 4 listed questions, please provide these responses :

Name of the PCI compliant entity found on the Visa Registered list.
***(or Stripe/Bambora/NMI if you're located Outside the US, please be sure to reach out to tech support to confirm your Payment Gateway if unsure.)

Please enter the proper PGP Encryption Public Key for the PCI compliant entity on the Visa Registered list.
*** If you're outside of the US, please reach out to the [email protected] for this.

Please enter the name of your new service provider.
Sparkmembership LLC

Please enter your account number for the PCI compliant entity on the Visa Registered list.
*** Reach out to Spark Data Department in chat support for this account number. This is your USAePay Merchant ID

Step 3: After submitting this form, RainMaker will send confirmation that they've sent your financial data over to your Payment Gateway listed. Please forward this confirmation to:

Please be sure to include your Spark ID in your email for quick identification :).
(This can be found at the top left of your Spark Software)

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