Rainmaker offers a free (please notify us if changed) export which has all of your contacts information, including your customers' financial information (CC & ACH), Ranks, and their membership/billing info.


Rainmaker Export - Step by Step

Step 1: Email their support at [email protected] and ask for "an export of my database including financials" to be sent to Spark at [email protected]

Step 2: Once requested, you'll be prompted to sign a waiver and they'll send you the data file once processed. If they request the PGP key please provide them the PGP Key found through this link: https://export-your-data.spblive.net/pgp.html

Step 3: After Exporting you receive the files, please email the downloaded files to our Data Department at:

Please be sure to include your Spark ID in your email for quick identification :).
(This can be found at the top left of your Spark Software)

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