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Merchant and Merchant Fees Information

Everything you need to know about payment processing with Spark

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Schools In The US and Canada

If you are in the US and Canada you will need to sign up and use our merchant processing company to collect payments in Spark. We DO NOT connect with any other merchants at this moment. They offer very low fees to help save you money. To find out about the fees you must contact them directly using the information below and they will provide you with answers to all the questions you have about the merchant processing.

We have partnered up with Pitbull Processing for merchant services.

Contact Colton Lehmann at (954) 294-5224 or email him at [email protected]

Benefits of using our merchant

When it comes to merchant processors it can quickly become a nightmare for you when trying to find missing funds or something in reports is not matching up. The reason is because other merchants will only allow the school owner to talk to them and will not talk to us directly. This causes you to become the middle man and have to go back and forth between Spark and your Merchant. Most merchants simply point fingers at the CRM to avoid having to do the research and after a few days of frustration and going back and forth it comes out the discrepancy was on their end. We have seen some clients battle this for over 5 days before they can get an answer.

That is something that would never happen with Spark. Because we work closely with the merchant we are able to communicate with each other to figure out the issues or discrepancies and get them adjusted ASAP as we know how important your money is to you. We can have a solution or answer for you in a matter of a few hours compared to days without you having to lift a finger aside from providing us with details.

That alone is worth the switch to our merchant processor.

Schools In Any Other Country

If you are not in the US or Canada you will be able to use Stripe as the merchant processor. Stripe is a well known merchant that offers competitive fees. All you need to do is set up an account with them and send us your API keys to get connected.

Here is the website in case you need to contact them to find out what the fees are.

Processing EFTS, ACH's, and Bank Drafts

For EFTS, ACH's, and Bank Drafts we use Vericheck. Here is an article to review the fees.

Do You Still Want To Use Your Own Merchant?

If you have a merchant you love using you can continue collecting payments through them, but you will need to log the payments in Spark. We have an option for external billing company that records the payments, but it will require manual work to log each payment if you want to track it in Spark. Checkout pages wont work to collect payments either. Also, you will not be able to use the auto charge option or run payments in the point of sale.

Unfortunately, we cannot connect with any other merchant processor at this moment, but we understand if you don't want to leave your merchant. We offer the external billing option.

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