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The On-Boarding Process

How easy it is to make the switch

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Switching softwares can be scary and overwhelming. We completely get it. You will be having to learn a new system, train your staff, export your information, let your students know you switch systems. Seems like a pain, but trust me it is not as bad as it sounds.

Here at Spark we have perfected the on-boarding process to make sure that you do not feel over whelmed at all. The last thing we want is for you to stay with a software that you do not love because of the fear of making the switch. We want to make Spark your forever home and make sure you look back and tell yourself how glad you are that you took action and made the switch.

The more you to put if off the more frustrated you will get with your current software so just take the leap of faith and join the over 1500 school owners who took that same chance and had the same exact fears and worries and are now thanking us for helping change their life. We want that to be you.

So how do we make the on boarding process easy?

We do this by understanding everyone learns at a different pace and in a different way. We have clients who are up and running in 2 weeks and some that need a bit more hand holding. Whether you are tech savvy and can watch videos and set everything up yourself or you need that 1 on 1 attention we got you covered.

We have a full video library with steps to setup your account, a full article base with over 400 articles on anything and everything you can think of in Spark, and ofcourse our awesome trainings.

When you get started with Spark you will get a welcome call the following day to start building your plan. We will give you incentives to get started. You only need to request your export file and get started on getting connected to take payments and we will give you a full 6 weeks free for a total of 2 months free of Spark. That will help you take your time and make sure everything has been imported correctly before you turn off your old software.

We do trainings in phases to make sure that you are not over whelmed. From the beginning basic set ups to more advanced set ups. These are done in groups, but if you are just not getting it we would be more than happy to offer 1 on 1 sessions.

We also have 3 daily feature trainings that you and your staff could jump on and learn how to set up your important features of Spark. And you dont have to worry about having a booking limit. Book however many times you need to until you Master Spark. We are here to help and make the transition a breeze.

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