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Why Choose Spark?

A few reasons why Spark is the answer

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As a school owner you are probably shopping around to see what system will work best. The last thing you want is to pick a software that you will not be completely happy with after having done all of the work to transfer. So here are a few things that makes us stand out from the rest.


Unlike other softwares that try and make their system seem more powerful than it truly is, we let you know exactly what Spark has and doesn't have. Because in the end we want you to find the software that will work for you and provide exactly what you need and are looking for. With Spark you get full honesty and transparency.

As much as we would love to have everyone in our Spark family, we understand that there could be something we don't have that you might really need and we will let you know if its something we can add quickly or if Spark just won't be the best fit for you.

Our Customer Support

Customer Service is the most important thing for us. We know that great customer service means a client for life and thats exactly what we want. We know that if we can keep you happy you will rave about Spark and others will hear you. That is why we invest highly in our support and our clients notice it.

You see our support doesn't just stop at the tech support team. From the moment you sign up to Spark you are welcomed by some of the friendliest and awesome on -boarding specialist we have been so lucky to have found. They will make you feel warm and comfortable as you embark in this transition journey and are available to go above and beyond to assist you.

Our tech support team makes sure that you get an answer to your question or fix to an issue as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on being able to respond in under 5 minutes compared to you waiting hours or days to get help. We understand your time is valuable so we make sure we don't waste it. You will be helped by very knowledgeable agents who work closely with our developers to form a power team for you.

Our managers and owners go above and beyond for you and is one of the many reasons why so many school owners love Spark. Could you imagine the CEO of apple letting you call him or message him directly if you have any issues? Our CEO's do just that. They are here to help you grow and see how they can remove your frustrations. Need help growing your business and some advice? They are just a quick call away. Our CEOs are not hidden behind a curtain. They truly show you that they truly care about you and your success.

The Family Type Feeling

Because the owners are both martial artists who have owned schools their whole lives they decided to keep that same type of atmosphere they had in their schools with Spark. Our goal is to always keep that family feeling that many big companies lose as they grow.

We want to make sure that all of us as a team will be there for you when you need us. Whether it's after hours or the weekend we will stop everything to help you. Because to us you are not just a dollar sign, you are family.

Always Improving

One thing that we hear all the time from our new clients is how a previous software company stopped getting better and is outdated. Maybe thats the reason you are reading this. In Spark we want to always be the best and we work hard to maintain that title by putting in the work to continue making Spark better and better everyday. From the requests we get from clients to our own personal idea, we just want to make Spark powerful because we know you need powerful tools to help you grow and get your time back.

So you will see weekly new features and powerful new things constantly added to Spark. Sure there are many competitors trying to catch up to us, but unlike the story of the tortoise and the rabbit, we will not sleep because we will not allow anyone to catch up. We are winners and winners win! and we want you to be part of the winning team so you too can win in your business.

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