The Import Process

What can be imported and how to request it

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We will handle the import for you so that is one step that you don't have to worry about doing yourself unless you want to. And there is no limit to how many files you want us to import for you. I know some companies do the first one for free and try charging for any others. Not us :)

Here are the different ways you can import your contacts

Requesting Your Export File

Every software is different when it comes to exporting information. What you need to do first is contact your current software and request a full export file with all of your student information.

I would also request the financial information, but keep in mind that most softwares will charge a fee and others will let you know that they can't export that information.

If thats the case don't worry, we have a tool to help you get all of your students credits cards updated in less than a week with one simple action.

Once they have sent you your import simply email it to us and we will handle the import for you.

Manually Adding Your Own Information

If you are a small school and prefer to import your own contacts one by one thats an option as well. Normally we ask that you do this only if you have under 50 students as it good practice for you and you can make sure that everything is updated. But if you have more than 50 students let us do the heavy lifting for you as you spend your valuable time learning Spark instead.

Click the button below for an article on the different types of information we can import.

How To Contact the Data Import team

To get ahold of the data import team you can email them at [email protected] or go to the in app chat and select to speak to the data import team.

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