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We have different departments in Spark that will be very helpful for you to learn Spark, get questions answered, and learn Spark.

On-boarding Team

Our on-boarding team is amazing at helping train our brand new clients. They are professionals at removing the fear and doubts you have when you first sign up and transforming it into excitement and fun. You will love interacting with our on -boarding team and you will feel so warm and taken care of after every call. And theres no limit to how many on boarding sessions you will get. We won't charge you like other companies do because our goal is to be there for you.

Data Import Team

Our data import team will be communicating with you from day 1. Your information is valuable and we want you to feel comfortable in sending your information to us. They can answer any questions or concerns you have about imports and help you get your export file if you are having issues. They will not stop working for you until you are 100% sure hat the import looks perfect.

Feature Training Team

Our feature training team does 3 live workshops daily 4 days a week. Thats 12 chances for you to hop on a call and learn how to set up different features in Spark. What makes these workshops great is that you are not only watching a video or watching someone explain a feature and then you have to do the work after. You will be able to set these features up while being on the call to save you time.

Tech Support Team

One of the things Spartans rave about is the support they get and how quickly they get it. When it comes to software things can break and user error happens. There is no need to worry at all. We are open from 9 am EST - 10 PM EST Monday - Friday to make sure you get the help you need right away. The goal is for you to get a response in less than 5 minutes. Our support is done via chat to make sure you get the quickest assistance. A single phone call can take up to 2 hours which keeps that one employee from helping others. Each one of our tech support works with 20 clients at the same time and its how we make sure we answer your questions super quick or get enough information about the issue you are having to make a ticket super quickly. We even have the option for you to make us a video if you hate typing with a click of a button. We make you personalized videos as well to better explain things.

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