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Everything you need to know about our new version

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The new version of the member app is ready and we have started the upload process. Currently android version is live and we are waiting for approval from apple for the free version of the apps. These adjustments will go into effect when the app goes live.

This new version comes with many bug fixes, adjustments, and enhancements. At the very bottom of this article you will find additional important information about how the process will go for uploading both the free version and custom white labeled apps.

I have created a video and a list to show you what has changed in Spark and on the member app and a list for you below so that you are aware of what has been modified and enhanced in the app so that there is no confusion.

  • For the "free version" of the app, your students will now be able to look up your location by entering your schools 4 digit location ID you find on the top left of your account. They will still be able to look up your location from the list as well, but we wanted to make it easier for them to find your school.

  • This one is very important. The attendance feature has been completely redone. You will no longer see a barcode on the top right to check in. Your students will now see a my class schedule option where they can go to check in for class easily. It will automatically recognize the roster and log it compared to having them select from a list of rosters. Make sure you let your students know to go to "my class schedule" in the menu to check in to class.

  • You will be able to set the time of when you want to allow them to checkin instead of only having the 5 minutes before option.

  • When a student adds themselves to the waitlist an email will be sent to the owner.

  • When a student goes to book a class they will clearly see who they are logged in as to avoid confusion.

  • You can now choose if you want to allow students to change their picture on the app.

  • For students who cross train in multiple locations they can now switch locations without logging out of the app.

  • Students will be able to easily see classes they are booked into and classes on their waitlist.

  • You can now change the image on the referral screen to whatever you choose.

  • The rate us screen has been changed to default the stars to 5 stars instead of 3.

  • "limited Space Available" wording will only show for items with a limit that is under 5 left.

  • Messages on the app will now update in real time without needing to refresh.

  • In the shop tab it will notify them when there is a required item that has been added to the cart.

  • Payment history tab will now show paid invoices and unpaid invoices instead of only paid

  • The class schedule and my class schedule have been separated so that both do not go to the same screen.

Many bug fixes that have been brought up by our Sparktans have been fixed in this version as well.

Important Information for White Labeled Apps

As always we need to upload the free version of the app first because its just one app we upload and it helps our Sparktans using the free version catch any bugs that we may have missed so that we can fix them immediately before uploading each individual custom white labeled app.

This is not a matter of making the free app a priority. Each custom app requires many steps to take to get it uploaded and get approved, so with over 500 custom apps that we need to manually upload it is very important that we don't begin to upload a few apps and then find out that there are urgent issues that need to be fixed and we have to start all over.

You made an investment and we want to make sure that by the time we upload your custom app it is close to perfect. We will only wait a few days before beginning the white labeled custom app uploads.

In the mean time what I need for you to do is log in to your apple developer account and make sure that it is updated and there is nothing you must agree on to speed up the process.

Important Information for New Purchased Apps

If you have bought a custom app and are waiting for it to be built I recommend start setting up your app. You are more than welcome to use the free version and create a log in so that you can see what it looks like to make sure it looks nice for your students. Once your app is live its as easy as turning off the free version and telling your students to download your custom app. All information will automatically transfer.

It is important that once the new version goes live you make sure that your students update the app. They should get a notification to update the app, but in case they miss it they must update their app to get the latest version.

Also, please make sure to bring up any issues your students experience. We have spent months testing this app ourselves, but we need as thousands of students start using it things will be brought up. We appreciate you :)

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