New features and updates for April are here! Check out these awesome new features that we have added from the awesome suggestions you have been making to help improve Spark!

Contacts Picture Report πŸ“Έ

The new contacts picture report is now live! For those that love having contact's pictures stored on their profile, this report will provide you with a quick and easy way for you to find exactly who you need to snap a picture for and who you already have done so on so you could ensure all your members/contacts have a profile picture saved on file. You will be able to filter the report by contact type and by those that have a picture and those that do not to get the exact list of contacts you are wanting to focus on. The report will be found on the left side menu, Reports>Contact Pictures.

New Roster Filter on the All Contacts Report πŸ“’

You can now filter you All Contacts report by contacts on specific rosters. If you ever wanted to find very specific list of contacts that are perhaps on a specific membership, are tagged with a tag(s), that became a contact within a specific date range, etc. that are also on assigned to a specific roster, this will be a great way for you to generate a list of those specific contacts so you could use it for general reporting purposes or so you could perform mass actions on them.

New 'They Applied Tag' cancel if action for automations πŸ”₯

A new awesome 'cancel if' option has been added to automation action steps. Now when you create any action step in an automation sequence you will be able to cancel a step via a tag having been added to a contact's profile. Now you may be wondering why would I even need to do this? Well an example of how this could be useful would be if you were holding a kid's event and you need parents to complete waivers for their children that will be participating. You could create an automation sequence with multiple action steps to send the parents reminders to complete the waiver, once they complete it you could then have the waiver apply the 'cancel if' tag you could also have attached to the action step which will then stop that step from firing out which by doing so will allow you to further tailor your automations to work exactly as you want.

Cleaner and more organized Email Campaign page πŸ“§

A new awesome change is available on your main email campaign page! You will now be able to see your emails sorted under different tabs, one for Scheduled Emails, one for Email Drafts, and lastly one for Sent/Archived emails. This will allow you to focus on what you really want to see without having to spend time scrolling through the entire page to get to a certain section.

Custom placeholder text for the size dropdown on checkout pages πŸ’°

If you have ever set up checkout pages with options for purchasers to select something like a preferred date for an event or perhaps you want someone to be able to choose the weeks of summer camp they will be participating on and you set them up as options under a singular purchase item. You will now be able to change the placeholder text to display on the drop down so instead of it saying 'Select a size' you could have it say 'Please select a date' just as an example. This way you could tailor it to your liking.

EFT payment option on Checkout Pages πŸ’°

The all new EFT payment option on checkout pages is now available! Your checkout pages will now include the option to pay for the purchase using their bank draft information if you are set up to collect EFT/ACH payments through your gateway. You can also decide on whether you want certain checkout pages to include that payment option or not by going to the bottom of your checkout page settings and turning the toggle for that payment type on or off. This will add an additional layer of flexibility and choices for your contacts choose from.

Manually add new referrals through the Referrals report πŸ“ˆ

You will now be able to manually add new referrals that have been brought to your business through the referrals report! Gone are the days of needing to have your students/clients click on the refer a friend link on your emails or go through the refer-a-friend section on the member app to refer their friend or family member over to you. If one of your students/clients bring a referral to you in person, you could quickly and easily have a profile created for them and automatically linked as a referral through your Referrals page. You will be able to find this report by going to your left side menu, Settings>Referrals

Custom Fields available on checkout pages πŸ’°

Let us all rejoice with the addition of this highly requested feature! You will now be able to add custom fields directly onto your checkout pages. Now for those that are unaware of what custom fields do or why this is so exciting, allow me to give you an idea of how this could benefit you. Let's say you're hosting a kid's event where you will be providing the participants with snacks, it may be important to collect information on which food allergies the participating children has. With this new feature you will be able to collect that information directly through the registration/checkout page and have it stored directly on their profile for referencing/reporting purposes.

Ability to have contacts automatically be placed on rosters after starting a membership πŸ₯‹

You will now be able to choose which rosters you want new students or trials to be placed on automatically upon them starting a new membership. This new feature will provide you with an easy way to automate a process that would previously had to be done manually by a staff member and allow you to allocate that time to focus it on other parts of your business. Now all you have to do is set it and forget it! It is as simple as editing the membership template(s) and clicking on the checkboxes next to the rosters you want to have your contact placed on once they start the membership.

Original Membership Details Log πŸ“—

Have you ever looked at a membership's change logs and wondered how it was originally set up? Perhaps you wanted to see which selections and numbers a staff member added onto a membership when adding it to a contacts profile. Now whenever any staff member adds a membership for a contact through the profile you will be able to view a log of how that membership's details were originally set up which you could use for referencing or informational purposes.

Ultimate Stats Report update πŸ“Š

Have you ever looked at the Ultimate stats report and wanted to be able to print, or export the Scoreboard? Now you will be able to do just that, you'll be able to get all the information you want from that report printed or exported to you could have a physical copy of it or so you could manipulate the form to your liking

Child Care Deduction link update πŸ“˜

We have made adjustment to the Child Care deduction link to no longer specify it is a child care deduction link. it will now say "Receipt". This will make that report a bit more versatile and allow you to send those receipts to non child contacts without it causing any confusion.

New action logs on the Staff Activity Logs πŸ“’

We have added logging to keep track of appointment updates/deletions in the staff activity logs! You will now be able to see more information on the actions your staff members are taking in the system; More specifically, you will be able to see when a staff member reschedules or deletes an appointment as well as the name of the staff member who took those actions and the time/date the actions were taken on.

Bug Fixes πŸ›

  • Fixed an issue with images being larger than intended on emails

  • Removed the option in update CC link email to add to recurring payments. If adding to membership will have to use the membership specific links.

  • Total Number of users stat tracker in the Member app section was fixed and should display the accurate number now

  • Fixed and issue with the POS that when selecting the product first before the contact and then adding the contact and trying to use their account credit it would throw an error.

  • Fixed an issue when trying to get the belt order from Mass Rank Promotion

  • Fixed issue with rank size not being updated when being updated via the Mass rank promotion page

  • Fixed issue with adding manual purchasers to checkout pages was not adding a membership

  • Fixed issue with tax amounts not being placed in to memberships when adding from a checkout page

  • Added prevention to not allow expiration date to be a date in the past or before the start date of a membership

  • Fixed an issue with invoices that have toggled off the option to pay the invoice online still being able to pay for the invoice

  • Made adjustment to say save instead of send for Referral report when adding a referral through that report

  • The SMS saved replies in the SMS log will not be ordered by alphabetical order.

  • Fixed issues with the member app force closing on Android

  • Fixed issue with push notifications sending out when cancelled

  • Credit Cards are no longer showing up as expired before the month ends

  • There was an issue with resizing images in automations with email templates. The issue is corrected and will send out properly with the image resized correctly.

  • Fixed issue with not being able to sizes when adding a purchase manually to a checkout page via Add purchaser option.

  • Fixed issue with ATA testing sheets not being able to populate properly if Mass rank Promotion has more than 1 test date.

  • Fixed issue with Calendar pop ups staying frozen on the page.

  • Birthdays were being auto filled to be 01/01/1900 if not filled required in Form/Survey. That is no longer the case

  • Attendance since last exam toggle is now working properly again

  • Fixed Issue with viewing digital agreements

  • Fixed issue with member app announcement list not staying in order whenever you change the order of it.

  • Fixed issue where tax was no being added to memberships if it had more than one payment option, the other payments options were not getting tax added but the main option was.

  • Fixed issue with Action Button not working in stripe report

  • Fixed Contact Barcode sending to the wrong URL

  • Fixed issue with Scroll bar blocking the Sessions report numbers on the dashboard widget

  • Fixed issue with Active student count in dashboard history not matching up with Ultimate stats report

  • Fixed issue with Spark Calendar incorrectly adding back a slot when a appointment gets deleted even after the slot was already re-added

  • Added length Validation to Contact Phases

Notification Settings

With this new and upcoming settings page you will be able to control exactly which email(s) you want certain notifications to be sent to. For example, maybe you want certain staff to be sent notifications when a student updates their card on file. You will be able to add all of the email addresses of the staff members you want to be notified when that happens.

Apple Pay on Checkout Pages

A new exciting update is coming to checkout pages! You will soon have the option to allow students pay for their checkout page purchase using Apple Pay which will further expand our growing list of available payment options so your contacts could easily choose the method they are most comfortable using.

Google Pay on Checkout Pages

Google pay will soon be available on checkout pages! Contacts will have a new way to pay for an item(s) on checkout pages in case the don't want to enter in their full card information on the page.

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