Pulling cards from Stripe

How to pull cards from Stripe to be imported into Spark

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Hey there! Today we'll be pulling your cards from Stripe to be imported onto your contacts in Spark, it'll be very simple :).
Please refer to the screen shot below numbered with the steps outlined.

1. You'll want to first go to your customers tab.

2. Make sure you've viewing all customers

3. Click export on the right side.

4. Select the date range to all,

5. Make sure to set the columns to All, as this is necessary to have the data to import it into Spark.

6. And finalize the export with the export button at the bottom of the window.

Once you've downloaded your cards, please email them to :

for them to be imported by our team. Please make sure to include your Spark Location ID for quicker identification (found at the top left of your Spark software).

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