New features and updates for June are here! Check out these awesome new features that we have added from the awesome suggestions you have been making to help improve Spark!

πŸ”₯ Week 4 Updates πŸ”₯

NEW sms credits self purchase feature ❗

With this new feature you will be able to purchase sms credits at any time of your choice! During after hours or on weekends, gone are the days of having to wait during regular office hours to refill on sms credits. You will be able to choose how many you would like added to your account based on our predefined packages as well as being able to view when credits were purchased, how many purchased, as well as who made the purchase in the past using the included purchase logs. You will be able to take advantage of this new feature by going to your left side menu, Settings>Purchase SMS Credits.

Ability to mass delete unpaid invoices ❌

With this new feature you will be able to delete the unpaid invoices of your choice by going to your left side menu, Point of Sale Settings>Unpaid Invoices. Previously we only had the option to mass close multiple invoices at a single time but due to high demand we were also able to add this option in as well to make cleaning up your potentially growing list of invoices that you have not intention of collecting payments on much easier.

Ability to manage/customize your rank sizes πŸ₯‹

You will now be able to fully customize the rank sizes in your account so when adding a rank to a student's profile, you will be able to control which size options you and your staff members will be able to select from. This is really great in cases where you perhaps use regular shirt sizes for specific rank systems but for other rank systems you use a more traditional belt sizing. You will be able to inactive the default ones we add onto every martial arts account if you do not intend to use those options. You will be able to view this new feature by going to your left side menu, Ranks>Rank Size Setup.

Mini report on students having been picked up/dropped off for class πŸ“

With the addition of this new feature you will now be able to much more easily see the number of students that have been checked in for class as well as the number of students that still need to be picked up once class is done when using the Add by Roster attendance taking method. This will come in really handy if you hold summer camps or after school programs and will be accessible under any roster that has the 'Check-out Column' option turned on in the roster settings.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Changed wording of a staff permission to make more sense Can Add/Edit/Delete Users is now Can Add/Edit/Delete Staff Logins

  • Added length Validation to Settings_Collection_Companies.aspx. Specifically the Collection Company Name

  • Added logging to invoice to show who manually created a invoice from the manual add option in checkout page

  • Updated Spark Enrollment kiosk to have the new payment fields

  • Added more security and when adding bank account information will now show ****** in the bank account numbers in the creation logs for security purposes

  • Added Length Validation to these parts in the online scheduler group section of the Calendar: Group Name, For Online Scheduler Group, Enter a Headline, For Online Scheduler Group, Enter a Sub Headline

  • We added the ability to filter the Staff time slip report in Alphabetical order by Staff login First names

  • Removed Delete Button when creating a POS Product Category

  • Added Length Validation in Rank name Field when creating or editing a rank

  • Fixed issue with Ranks not being switched in Mass rank Promotion if a rank was added after the Mass rank promotion was created

  • We added the ability to alter Belt sizes and make them customizable to your schools belt sizing

  • Fixed issue with Duplicate rank issue that happened because of Merge

  • Re-worded Staff permission: Show Past Due Notifications on Class Roster is now See Past Due Student Information

  • Removed Empty space at the bottom of the dashboard

  • All Membership report will now keep Date ranges visible after you select the filter to know what you just filtered by

  • Fixed issue with Form/Survey about pop up coming up every time you selected a new box in the form for are you one of these profiles.

  • Moved the invoice filters that were on contacts profile to the top of the invoice tab

  • Fixed issue with tags not being added when you Manually add a contact to a checkout page

  • Fixed issue with appointments still showing up on profile even though the appointment type was deleted. We will now show it on the profile but you would be able to change the appoint to the new appointment type if the appointment is still going to be taken.

  • Fixed issue with Spark Forms being emailed out from different locations in multiple location schools not having the profiles created properly

πŸ”₯ Week 3 Updates πŸ”₯

Ability to change the labels for genders and activate/inactivate gender options πŸ‘₯

This new feature will allow you to change the labels for the genders in Spark so if you prefer a certain gender(s) to show up in Spark and on your forms under a different title, you will be able to choose what you want it to say. You will also have multiple slots to add in more options for your contacts to choose from. Perhaps you only want certain gender options to appear on your Spark account or form though. If so, you will also be able to activate/inactivate whichever gender options you'd like providing you with full control of what you want displayed on your forms/surveys and on your Spark account altogether. You will be able to check out this new feature by going to your left side menu, Settings>Contacts Gender

Over training student notification on contact profile πŸ₯‹

This new function will provide you with a simple on screen notification letting you know if the student being looked into has attended more classes in the current month/week than what they are allowed to attend based on the max amount of allowed classes set up on the membership template. This will serve as useful information if you like to stay on top of student's attendance statistics. Clicking on the number of classes taken will also redirect you to the Sessions Remaining Report which you could use to see anyone else that may have taken more classes than they should have for the period.

New Pop up in Contacts profile

We have added this new pop up in contacts profile so that if they have any unpaid invoices, Past due Memberships, No installments remaining on there membership, Past due EFT Payments, Past Due Scheduled payment, you will be able to see all of that once you enter a contacts profile:

Mass Update Attendances in Contacts Profiles:

Do you need to correct a lot of attendances from a students profile cause they might have selected no roster, no membership or even just the wrong one. You will now be able to fix all those attendances without having to edit each attendance individually. When you go to there profile and select the attendance tab you will see the option to select the attendance you wish to alter, and at the bottom you will see the Mass option to change the roster for the attendance or the membership:

This will allow you to help correct the attendance in Mass and no longer have to adjust them one by one.

Emergency Contacts can now be collected in Forms/Survey:

We have added a new form field that you can add to your Form/Surveys that will allow you to collect Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number:

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Staff Profiles will no longer be able to see the Tags section if they do not have the setting permission enabled on there staff account

  • Fixed issue of Digital Agreements not being saved in the Documents tab in the Contact profile

  • Fixed issue about not being able to add calendar link to opt-in webform email

  • Fixed issue with forms not updating profiles properly

  • Added pop up for Form/Surveys if you're inserting similar names. Profiles will now pop up if name and email matches a profile and is so they can select to create a new profile or use the already existing one.

  • Custom fields in checkout pages will now also be needed to be filed out for 2nd or more participants if multiple participants are added in checkout page

  • Fixed pop up for Checkout pages if you're inserting similar names. Profiles will now pop up if name and email matches a profile and is so they can select to create a new profile or use the already existing one.

  • Added Validations in Suppliers section:

    • Supplier Name

    • Supplier Email

    • Supplier Phone

    • Supplier Phone Extension

    • Supplier Fax Number

    • Supplier Contact

    • Supplier Website

    • Supplier Account Number

  • Added Length Validation to Post a webhook section in Appointment types

  • Added length Validation to Mass Sign up Sheet Title

  • Added Length Validation in Last Nights Class Survey settings

πŸ”₯ Week 2 Updates πŸ”₯

New color picker feature for the member app theme 🎨

With this new feature you will be able to select the exact color you want your app to be themed around so instead of having to choose between basic preselected colors you could choose the perfect hue of any color to match your school's/gym's colors. You will be able to find this new feature by going to your left side menu>Member App, going to your 'Branding Settings' under your on page settings tab and scrolling to the bottom of the page where you will be able to find this setting:

Ability to mass change the income categories of invoices πŸ“Š

With the addition of this new feature you will be able to change the Income Categories of multiple invoices all at once while going through your Financial Transactions by Category report. This could potentially save you tons of time if you have a bunch of invoices that need to be amended and could turn a tedious process into something effortless. To perform this action you will simply need to click on the checkboxes next to the invoice(s) that you need to update and scroll to the bottom of the report where you will find an bulk options drop down with the option change the category of all the selected invoices

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed issue with adding/editing ranks. It was giving a Hey, I'm sorry erro.

  • We adjusted Membership templates to allow for discount greater than 999 and now will be allowed to discount to 9999

  • Fixed issue with ipad giving error in SEK when taking the photo

  • Fixed duplicating rank issue caused by removing one rank style from the profile

  • We added the option to make Documents be able to show only documents inserted from contacts profile or also show connected contacts documents as well

  • Business owner toggle in staff log in, for the time being will be used so only the staff members with the permission turned on will be able to update the CC on file for Spark

  • Added Validation when creating a contact to these fields Alternate ID, Home Phone, Mobile Phone #1,Mobile Phone #2, Mobile Phone #3, Work Phone, Work Phone Extension, Emergency Contact Phone, Emergency Contact Phone, ATA Membership Number

  • add length validation on below Fields in University

    1. Author Title

    2. Author Name

    3. Author Email

  • Mass emails sent through checkout pages were sending email per item purchased, fixed the issue and will no longer send duplicate emails

  • Fixed issue with Add contact to Mass rank promotion not adding contacts to promotion when actually adding them to promotion.

  • Preventing Partial refunds with EFT payments as EFTs do not allow for partial refunds

  • Add length validation to Custom fields

πŸ”₯ Week 1 Updates πŸ”₯

New changes to the Dashboard Widgets πŸ“ˆ

Some exciting new changes have been made to the Spark Dashboard widgets. The layout for managing the widgets you want to appear on the page has changed so instead of choosing the widgets from a pop up box, those options will be displayed on screen so you could add/remove widgets while seeing it happen in real time and much more easily see how certain layouts work for you and how they will appear on page. You will also now be able to much more easily resize the widgets on page to the exact size of your choice which will allow you to make your more important widgets bigger that will in turn allow you to focus on what's most important to you.

New filter options on the Perfect Attendance Report πŸ“ƒ

You will now be able to filter your Perfect Attendance Report by specific contacts or by contact types. This will allow you to easily and quickly run a report for a specific group of contacts of your choice without having to sift through the list trying to find certain students

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • We added Validation to the address section as it was causing errors if Address is too long.

  • Fixed Export CSV button to say Export to CSV

  • Fixed issue with Spark Enrollment Kiosk not Adding Rank to profile once a membership is added

  • Fixed issue with Class taken automations

  • Added the Option to add an attachment to the Bulk action send Email section of the All Contacts report

  • Added Validation to all URL fields in Refer-A-Friend-Settings

  • Fixed issue when searching for POS Items via Size

  • Added Filters to the Perfect Attendance Report (Contact Type and Contact Name Filter)

  • You can now Select Any Email on file to use in the All contacts report for the Send From option

  • Made Adjustments to the Expiring Membership/Expired Membership widget to annotate that we only show

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