New features and updates for September are here! Check out these awesome new features that we have added from the awesome suggestions you have been making to help improve Spark!

πŸ”₯ Week 4 Updates πŸ”₯

Ability to turn off the option to β€œbook another” appointment πŸ“…

We have now added an option to be able to prevent contacts from booking multiple appointments at once and instead only being able to have one appointment booked at a time. This will be very helpful in controlling the amount of slots you have available on your calendar and potentially increase the variety of contacts that are booked for a specific day/time. You will be able to find this option by going editing your Appointment Types and finding the checkbox titled "For Online Scheduling, show Book Another Option?"

"Show Only my Appointments" option on the dashboard calendar πŸ—“οΈ

With this new addition to the dashboard you will now be able to filter your dashboard calendar to only display the appointments that are specifically assigned to you. This will make it much easier to mark your appointments as 'Showed, No Show, Cancelled, Rescheduled, etc.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with the appointment confirmation email not being sent to contacts whose appointment was added manually by a staff member.

  • Fixed an issue with rosters not appearing in chronological order on the university class picker.

  • Fixed an issue with coupon codes adding an extra cent in the total purchase amount on checkout page purchases.

  • Fixed an issue with the proper downpayment amount not being reflected on the digital agreement when a contact purchased a membership through a checkout page using the member app.

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to process a past due payment for a contact through the dashboard if they have quotations in their name.

  • Fixed an issue with the 'Contact Activity' widget on the dashboard not displaying the proper information.

  • Fixed an issue with the class credits not being properly tracked when a contact has two memberships on their profile and check in using a roster.

  • Adjusted the forms/surveys to not allow contacts to change their name on it any longer.

  • Adjusted the Add by Roster page to display a scrollbar on a contact's profile if being looked at directly through that page.

πŸ”₯ Week 3 Updates πŸ”₯

New email options on the appointment confirmation email πŸ“…

With these new additions to the appointment type settings page you will be able to control what the 'Send from Name', 'Send from Email Address', and the 'Email Subject Line' are so your appointment confirmation emails get sent in the exact way you want them to appear on your contact's inboxes. You will be able to find these updates by going to your left side menu, Settings>Calendar>Calendar Settings>Appointment Types and editing your appointment types, it will be available on the lower end of the page.

New permissions for staff members βœ”οΈ

We have added three new permissions on staff member profile that will help you choose what kind of content and actions you want them to be able to access or perform. The first new permission is the ability to allow your staff members to be able to access and work on the 'Tags' page, perhaps you don't want certain staff members to change your tags in any way, you will now be able to remove that option for them. The second new permission is the ability to allow your staff members that do not have access to your financial reports or stats to still be able to print out a summary of payments for individual contacts if this action is being performed through a contact's invoices/payments tab on their profile. The third and last new permission that we have added is the ability for your staff members to be able to move contacts between franchise locations. If this permission is enabled for a staff member, they will be able to go into a contact's profile, click on the quick actions drop down, and select the option to 'Change Location', to be able to perform this action they will need to first have a franchise dashboard set up for them on their account which our tech supports will be able to set up for you and they will ned that permission enabled for them.

Ability to select a background image for checkout pages from the image manager πŸ–ΌοΈ

With this new feature you will now be able to quickly and easily select a background image for your checkout pages by selecting an image you have already uploaded to Spark in the past through your Image Manager library. This could save you tons of time if you regularly create or edit your checkout pages! You will be able to find this new option by editing your checkout pages, scrolling down to the 'Branding & Theme' tab underneath the coupon codes field and scrolling down a bit further to where you will find the background image section.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with the contact information not populating on the scheduler page when being redirected to it from a checkout page.

  • Fixed an issue with the appointment confirmation emails not being sent to contacts when booking them manually through Spark.

  • Fixed an issue the the Online Scheduler not pre-populating a contact's information when the link is connected to a specific contact.

  • Fixed an issue with the proper 'send from' email address not being used when sending an email from the purchasers list.

  • Fixed an issue with automations not firing when adding a contact from the 'quick add' option in Spark.

  • Fixed an issue with the saved filters on the All Contacts report not filtering by the age ranges correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with word docs set under the format type 'Award/Diploma' not appearing on the Mass Rank Promotion list.

πŸ”₯ Week 2 Updates πŸ”₯

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with students showing up on mass rank promotion rosters twice.

  • Fixed an issue with a rank not being added to a student's profile when they start a membership associated to a rank system.

  • Fixed an issue with former students appearing on certificates generated from mass rank promotion rosters.

  • Adjusted the dashboard calendar widget to allow you to use email templates when send an email to a contact through it directly.

  • Adjusted the Orders to Place report to now include a toggle that will allow you to enable the 'Send Order Confirmation Message' option or off.

  • Adjusted the Items Sold report to now include the name of the contacts that were sold POS products.

πŸ”₯ Week 1 Updates πŸ”₯

NEW QR codes for checkout pages and Forms/Surveys πŸ”₯

You will now be able to easily obtain QR codes for your favorite or most used checkout pages, forms/surveys, and calendars that will make it quite simple for you to print them out on fliers you could post in your school which your students and parents could be able to quickly scan with their smartphone's camera to access them. To find these QR codes for your forms/surveys you would simply need to click on the 'Actions' button next to the form of your choice, select the 'Form URL' option which will prompt the pop up box that contains the QR code to appear, from there you will simply want to click on the 'Download QR Code' option. For checkout pages all you need to do is find your checkout page of choice on your main checkout pages page in Spark, click on the URL and click on the 'Download QR Code' as depicted above. Lastly for calendars you could click on the 'Get Link' button on the Appointment Types page to access the QR code for your scheduler links.

Move form submission button πŸ”˜

With this new feature you will now be able to quickly and easily move a form submission from on contact's profile to another. This will be very useful in cases where parent mistakenly completes a form for the wrong child and the submission gets placed in the incorrect child's profile. You will simply be able to click on the actions menu next to the form submission, select the 'Move Submission' option, and enter in the contactID# of the contact it needs to be moved to.

Orders to Place report overhaul πŸ“¦

We have made a myriad of changes on the Orders to Place report that will make the report a bit easier to use and navigate. Starting with the biggest update, we have added filtering and sorting options on the report which will make a great impact in being able to choose the exact criteria you want to focus on while working on fulfilling orders. We have also added a search box which will make finding all of the orders still needing to be fulfilled for a particular contact a breeze or you could also search up specific contacts and orders by sku numbers. The second big change we have made is highlighting orders that have been marked completed and not allowing the page to refresh after performing the act of simply marking an order as completed which we found was slowing down the pace of things. Lastly, we have added an option to undo the completion of an order so in case the incorrect order was marked as completed by accident, you will still be able to undo that action up until the page is either refreshed or closed.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with the 'Expected Income' stat numbers on the dashboard not matching the Financial Forecast or the Schedule Payments on Invoices reports.

  • Fixed an issue with the dashboard history stats not displaying the correct number of student that attended classes in a particular month.

  • Fixed an issue with form submission be added under the incorrect profile.

  • Fixed and issue with barcode labels displaying the name below the barcode when the option to display the name above the barcode was selected.

  • Fixed an issue with rank tips not being displayed on the belt when it is set up in the rank/rank style setup.

  • Fixed an issue with orders on the Orders to Place report not staying checked after refreshing the page.

  • Fixed an issue where an error message would appear when the headline text for Spark Member App announcements exceeded a specific amount.

  • Fixed an issue with the sort order of ranks on the current ranks report not appearing correctly.

  • Adjusted invoices to include the terms and conditions set up on a checkout page. It will appear on the invoice below the invoice notes.

  • Adjusted the waitlist option on checkout pages with an option to be able to disable it for the checkout pages of your choice.

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