🔥 IGNITE | Setting Up Your Checkouts So They Are On Your Ignite Website & NOT On The Spark.io URL

  1. Login into your domain’s wordpress account

  2. Use the ‘CHECKOUT’’ page already set up for you (you can use SEARCH on the right to find it too)

    1. If you don’t have this page already set up - simply import the ready-to-use template from the Spark Ignite option of your WordPress dashboard

  3. Click view

  4. Get the unique checkout identifier code from your spark checkout - the characters after the “/” on your checkout url - in this example it is “?i=_JEL”
    So - go to your Spark account & get your checkout code

  5. Once you have the checkout characters - go back to the ‘checkout website page’ you were viewing and put those characters at the end of the URL.

  6. So if you have 3 checkouts on your website - it could look like this example

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