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January New Features/Bug Fixes
January New Features/Bug Fixes
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New features and updates for January are here! Check out these awesome new features that we have added from the awesome suggestions you have been making to help improve Spark!

πŸ”₯ Week 4 Updates πŸ”₯

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue on the Current Stripes Report on not displaying the stripe earned date in the correct format for accounts that use the DMY format.

  • Fixed an issue on the Spark calendar with not reflecting the rescheduled appointments done through the reschedule link.

  • Fixed an error for AU clients where they would get a CC error when trying to save a membership with a EFT payment option.

  • Fixed an issue on the Stripe SEK where an error would pop up when attempting to process a payment.

  • Adjusted the Appointment Maximizer to add contact type labels next to the contact names.

πŸ”₯ Week 3 Updates πŸ”₯

New Sign Up Sheets option for the Child Care Deduction Report

With this new update you will be able to include specific sign up sheets on your contact's child care receipts. You will be able to find this new update by going to your left side menu, Reports>Child Care Deduction. Once you click on the 'Report Settings' button at the top of the page and scroll down, you will find the section for sign up sheets at the bottom of the list.

New contact type labels on the Appointment Maximizer

With this new update to the Appointment Maximizer you will be able to much more easily see the contact types of the contacts listed on the report so you will no longer have to open their profile or search for them in spark to find that information.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to search for contacts by their full phone number in Spark.

  • Fixed an issue with checkout pages still allowing contacts to purchase items that are already sold out.

  • Fixed an issue with the Ultimate Stats scoreboard not displaying the proper amount of expired members.

  • Fixed an issue with checkout pages containing an apostrophe in the title not allowing us to download it's QR code.

  • Fixed the On Hold memberships search box to allow us to search up members by their full name.

  • Fixed an issue with the appointment confirmation email not being sent to contacts when the appointment from the membership details page.

  • Fixed an issue with an error popping up on the Current Stripes Report when you tried to display the student's eligibilities

  • Fixed an issue with Email Templates where the images in the email body would not appear when the template did not have a subject line.

  • Adjusted the Amount Owed number on the POS to reflect the proper amount.

  • Adjusted the Staff Activity Logs report and contact profile timeline to log when a staff member manually unsubscribes a contact's phone number and/or emails.

  • Adjusted the email templates drop down on the contact profile pages so they are all placed in alphabetical order.

πŸ”₯ Week 2 Updates πŸ”₯

NEW Account Credits Applied Report

With this new report you will be able to view all of the invoices that had account credits applied to them. you will b able to find this report by going ot your left side menu: Reports>Account Credits Applied

Updated Email Editor on Contact profiles

We have now changed to a different email editor on the profile pages which will now not only be visually different but it will have new options that will allow you to more effectively customize the text and content added to the email. All the features and tools you had before will still be accessible but you will have a host of new options to choose from.

Tutorial video for the new email editor:

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to search members by their phone numbers.

  • Fixed an issue with the header and footer of emails sent through Spark not being aligned in the center.

  • Fixed an issue with the Sales Tax report to where the totals at the bottom of each column not being aligned properly when exporting the report.

  • Fixed as issue on checkout pages where when you assigned a membership template to a purchase item, the price of the item would change even after severing the connection and changing the price on the membership template settings.

  • Fixed an issue with member app checkout pages being removed from the app several hours before it expired.

  • Fixed an issue with downloading a form/survey on an Android not showing up correctly.

  • Changed the email editor that appears on contact profiles.

  • Adjusted the downloadable QR codes for checkout pages to now save on your device under the title of the checkout page as the file name.

  • Adjusted the All Contacts report to now display a secondary confirmation pop up when attempting to send a mass sms message there to help ensure the proper amount of SMS messages are being sent.

πŸ”₯ Week 1 Updates πŸ”₯

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with the dashboard stats being updated a few hours before the month has ended.

  • Fixed an issue with the CC decline email not being sent to students whose membership is being paid by a card that is associated to a former student.

  • Fixed an issue with contacts being able to skip certain required form fields when completing a form submission.

  • Adjusted the Spark login reset password function to not require you to enter in the locationID# unless have Spark logins for multiple locations.

  • Adjusted the All Contacts report to include an option to filter a list of contacts that either have all of the selected tags on their profile or at least one of the tags selected by enabling/disabling the 'Who have all selected tag' option on or off.

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