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New Spark Features 2023
May New Features/Bug Fixes
May New Features/Bug Fixes
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New features and updates for May are here! Check out these awesome new features that we have added from the awesome suggestions you have been making to help improve Spark!

πŸ”₯ Week 4 Updates πŸ”₯

New Recurring Tasks Feature

We have now added to option to create tasks that can recur on certain days for a specific amount of time or even to never stop being created. You will be able to set up these recurring tasks from either the Tasks page or the tasks widget on the dashboard.

Email Selector for Membership Payment Receipts

With this new feature you will be able to choose which email address you want the the payment email to be sent to. This can be very useful when a certain parent is paying for the membership and wants to be notified one their own email without wanting to be placed as the primary email on file. You will be able to find this new feature under the 'Payment Info' section of the edit membership page.

Product Inventory Change Logs

You will now be able to find change logs on the bottom of both the Adjust Inventory and Product pages which will show the changes made to quantity on hand for items/variants. These logs will display when changes were made, by which staff member, as well as what the new and previous amounts were for tracking purposes.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with Inhouse invoices not being sent to students on the due date.

  • Fixed an issue on the self checkin pages where students aren't able to search themselves up using their first and middle name.

  • Fixed an issue where checkout page links sent via sms message on the mass rank promotion page not able to be clicked on.

  • Fixed an issue with the 'Time Clock' feature not showing at the top of the page when viewing the software on a mobile device.

  • Fixed an issue with the Gross Active Student count not displaying the correct number of students.

  • Fixed an issue with memberships started from the Enrollment Kiosk adding students to rosters twice.

  • Adjusted the membership template page to now not allow templates to be deleted. It will now only allow you to inactivate memberships.

πŸ”₯ Week 3 Updates πŸ”₯

Show Location Footer on Checkout Pages option

With this new toggle you will be able to choose whether you want your school information to be shown at the bottom of your checkout pages or not. If the toggle is left on the 'On' state then it will add your school information on the checkout page. If the toggle is left on the 'Off' state then it will not add the information.

Added Option to Sort By Rank on the Add the Roster

With this new drop down you will have the ability to sort your roster list by rank names and rank order. You will be able to find this new feature by going to your left side menu, Attendance>Add by Roster. It will be found like in the image below:

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Adjusted the Edit Invoices feature to now highlight the 'Add New Item' option in blue text, added a button for the 'View Changes' option, and added staff member names on the change logs.

  • Fixed an issue with Membership Digital Agreements not appearing on the contact's profile after it had been signed.

πŸ”₯ Week 2 Updates πŸ”₯

NEW Ability to edit and update invoices

We are happy to introduce a brand new feature that will allow you to quickly and very easily update the information on your existing invoices. You will be able to update the invoice notes, product descriptions, payment amounts, discount amounts, tax amounts (if applicable), and payment as well as invoice creation dates if needed. We have also a new permission on the in the Staff Logins page where you will be able to choose which staff members you want to be able to have the ability to edit invoices. The video below will cover both the new permission and the new edit invoice feature respectively so we would highly recommend giving it a watch when you get a moment:

Class Roster Filter in Mass Rank Promotion Pages

With this new option you will be able to filter your rank promotion list down to only display the students on a specific class roster. This will make it much more easy to organize promotions by class and focus on a particular set of contacts. You will be able to find this new drop down by opening a rank promotion roster and checking the right side of the roster settings like in the image below:

Filter by Rank Option on Add by Roster Page

We have aded a new filter on the Add by Roster page that will allow you to have the system only display the students in a specific rank on page, you will be able to choose from all of the ranks in the rank system associated to the roster and it can be a quick and easy way for you to perform mass actions on a specific set of contacts at once. You will be able to find this new option by going to your left side menu, Attendance>Add by Roster and clicking on selecting the roster of your choice; The drop down box for this will be shown like in the image below:

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed and issue with 100% off coupon codes not zeroing out the total price after being added on a manual checkout page purchase.

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to edit member app home screen announcements.

  • Fixed an issue on the checkout page purchasers list with the purchaser information running off the block.

  • Fixed an issue with the Lead & Trial Maximizer not changing a contact's traffic light colors after an action is taken for a contact.

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to drag and drop lessons on university course modules to rearrange them in a different order.

  • Fixed an issue with ranks that have double quotations in it's name not allowing one to edit it or allow it to appear on the rank promotion rosters.

  • Fixed an issue with automation not firing off the last action step in the sequence.

  • Fixed an issue with the member app announcements page timing out after adding an image to the announcement.

  • Fixed an issue with double booked appointments being create after a contact books an appointment online through the appointment scheduler.

  • Adjusted the 'Tags Added' logs to now include the name of the staff member that added a tag to a contact's profile alongside the page from which it was added from.

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