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July New Features/Bug Fixes
July New Features/Bug Fixes
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New features and updates for July are here! Check out these awesome new features that we have added from the awesome suggestions you have been making to help improve Spark!

πŸ”₯ Week 4 Updates πŸ”₯

Automatic Membership Tags

With this new addition to the software, you will be able to select multiple tags that you would like to have automatically assigned to students that start a specific membership which can be used to start automations or group contacts together. The selected tags will be added regardless of where the contact is signed up for the membership from.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with the email drop downs not working properly when accessing them on smaller devices such as phones and tablets.

  • Fixed an issue on the Spark Enrollment Kiosk where a 'Payment Processing' error would appear when trying to add a credit card for the down payment.

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to place multiple rosters into roster groups using the mass action option for it.

  • Fixed an issue with staff signature boxes on digital agreements being allowed to be bypassed when completing a digital agreement.

  • Fixed an issue on checkout pages where the quantity of items not being deducted from when a contact purchases a checkout page from the member app.

  • Fixed an issue with the Enrollment Kiosk not allowing you to save a cropped image.

  • Fixed an issue with prospect automations not being triggered when a prospect profile is entered in from sms keywords.

  • Fixed an issue with when the option to include the account logo is turned off, it still left it on by default on email campaigns.

  • Fixed an issue with with contacts not being sent a new appointment email when they reschedule their appointment using the reschedule link.

  • Fixed an issue with the system adding extra characters to rank promotion roster titles.

  • Fixed an issue with the 'Select' button on forms and surveys not working when attempted to be clicked.

  • Fixed an issue with email campaigns being sent to multiple franchise locations displaying multiple borders around the emails being received by contacts.

  • Adjusted the wording on the 'Update Payment Method Link' to say display more general information.

πŸ”₯ Week 3 Updates πŸ”₯

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with the income categories not appearing in alphabetical order on the purchase item settings in checkout pages.

  • Fixed an issue with the products/product variants not appearing in alphabetical order in the POS.

  • Fixed an issue with certain selected rosters not appearing on the checkout page 'Thank You' screen after a student purchases an item connected to multiple rosters.

  • Fixed an issue on member app push notification campaigns where contact names will appear twice for the same device.

  • Fixed an issue with staff unable to clock in through the Spark webpage.

  • Fixed an issue with duplicates of the same message appear twice in the member app chat log.

  • Fixed an issue with the 'Email Link to Pay' button for invoices causing the page to freeze when clicked.

  • Fixed an issue with deleting appointments from the calendar.

  • Fixed an issue with students being removed from roster waitlists on the app.

  • Fixed an issue with the member app not redirecting contacts to forms or redirect links after a contact purchases a checkout page.

  • Added an emoji picker on the bulk sms message option on the All Contacts report.

πŸ”₯ Week 2 Updates πŸ”₯

Added Nickname Field on Contact Profiles

With this new addition to the software, you will be able to add your contact's nicknames on their profile which will not only help you distinguish contacts with the same name from each other but it will also allow you to search contacts by nicknames on reports and attendance taking pages. You will be able to find the nicknames field in the edit profile page.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue on the member app messages tab where clicking on a message but not marking it as read still marks the message as read.

  • Fixed an issue on the Payment Methods pop up box not centering the content within it properly.

  • Fixed an issue with Closed Days not appearing on the dashboard calendar as well as booked appointments showing on the dashboard calendar for the following day.

  • Adjusted the Transactions by Category report to now place CC Surcharges/Admin Fees under their own category.

πŸ”₯ Week 1 Updates πŸ”₯

Rank Size Selector on Membership page

With this new setting you will be able to choose the rank size for the contact while adding a membership to their profile which reduces a step when setting up their account.

Move Membership Expiration Dates forward when Placing On Hold

When placing a student's membership on hold through the profile, you will now have the ability to move their membership expiration date forward multiple weeks, days, or months.

Include/Exclude Trials on Mass Rank Promotion

With this new checkbox you will be able to choose to either include or exclude On a Trial contacts on your mass rank promotion page(s).

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with the member app home screen announcements body text being cut off when viewed on small mobile devices.

  • Fixed an issue with the credit card update link displaying a past due membership notification when the student is not past due.

  • Fixed an issue with options 1 & 2 for checkout page purchases not appearing on the export file when the purchases is made through the member app.

  • Fixed an issue with engagement points on the dashboard widget not being updated when prospects took actions on emails and web links.

  • Fixed an issue with the Adjust Inventory report not allowing you to change the quantity on hand for an item to 0.

  • Fixed an issue with the filters on the All Memberships report not working when trying to filter by specific criteria.

  • Fixed an issue with forms/surveys not adding emergency contact information on contact profiles.

  • Adjusted the Membership Templates settings page to allow you to add a discount higher that 9,999.

  • Adjusted the coordinate fields on the member app attendance settings to include validation for the information added to the boxes.

  • Adjusted the the Tasks widget on the home screen to now include a darker separation line between tasks to help distinguish each from one another.

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