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Migrating Your Data Into Spark
Exporting from ASF PaymentSolutions
Exporting from ASF PaymentSolutions

Walks you through the process of exporting your data out of ASF PaymentSolutions

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ASF offers a free export which has all of your information, including your customers' financial information, (CC & ACH).

To start this request from ASF, please email [email protected] with the following :

Hey Luz,

I'd like to request an entire export of my database to be sent to Spark Membership LLC ([email protected])



From there, they'll ask you to confirm and then a transfer request will be started where they will send the data directly to us.

To add clarify, these are the files included in their exports with their descriptions:
ARF.CSV - All one-time charges

CLC.CSV - All additional member file

CLM.CSV - Buyer information, status, demographic info, payment schedule, renewal info, and unencrypted cc/eft info

EMR.CSV - Emergency contact information

NOT.CSV - Member notes file - club entered notes

REC.CSV - All recurring add on charges

If you'd like to export additional information not included in the export, please read along to see how ASF recommends having these exported.
1. Payment History - 3 reports from the payment activity tab: Bad Checks, Immediate CC Rejects, Payments at ASF.

2. Attendance - Attendance-All report.

3. Prospects - All Prospect report.

4. POS Inventory - All inventory report.

5. PT sessions - Session lock conversion - Details include: description, amount, amount purchased, amount used, amount available, and expiration of PT sessions.

6. PT information - Scheduler Report tab - Session Liability

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