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New Spark Features 2023
November New Features/Bug Fixes
November New Features/Bug Fixes
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New features and updates for November are here! Check out these awesome new features that we have added from the awesome suggestions you have been making to help improve Spark!

πŸ”₯ Week 3 Updates πŸ”₯

'Eliminate Duplicates' Setting Added to the All Contacts Mass Actions Send Mass Email Option

This setting will allow you to choose if you want each of your contacts using the same email address to receive a copy of your email or if you only want to have a copy of your email to be sent out to an email address once.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with deleted contacts still appearing as connected to memberships.

  • Fixed an issue with membership renewals causing ranks on student's profiles to be duplicated.

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to take a profile picture using a device's webcam function while on a contact's profile.

  • Fixed an issue with deleted profiles being reinstated when adjustments are made on their profile settings page.

  • Fixed an issue with the 'New Form Submission' email notification not being sent out when a contact has already completed the form in the past.

  • Fixed an issue with the Transactions by Category report freezing when trying to view payments from past months/years.

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to see the values for global merge tags on the email campaign preview page.

  • Adjusted the sms logs to show the values of the mobile phone number merge tag used in a message.

  • Added character length validation on the participant label field on checkout pages.

πŸ”₯ Week 2 Updates πŸ”₯

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with sms messages not being sent/received in Spark.

  • Fixed an issue with checkout page purchase items changing size/option values to date format.

  • Fixed an issue with removed PDF files from email templates still remaining on the email body source code.

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate profiles being created for existing contacts that are listed as an additional participant on a checkout page purchase.

  • Fixed an issue with students who removed themselves from a class still appearing under the roster on the Roster Report screen.

  • Fixed an issue with membership agreement merge tag:
    [membership] otherFamilyMemberIncluded not merging in the proper values.

  • Fixed an issue with rescheduled appointment confirmation emails sending the old appointment time details instead of the new appointment time/date information.

  • Fixed an issue with the Child Care Deduction report loading slowly and at times not populating the list of included contacts.

  • Adjusted the membership templates payment options term fields to display flags on boxes that require numeric values.

πŸ”₯ Week 1 Updates πŸ”₯

Updates to the Today's Attendance Pop Up Box

With this new update you will be able to filter your attendances list to only show you the contacts who checked in for the day and are also eligible for their next rank and/or stripe. You will be able to find these new settings below the filter options at the top of the pop up box.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with student's digital agreements appearing as a blank page when they tried to sign it.

  • Fixed an issue with staff members that did not have the permission to delete records enabled for them still being able to delete contact profiles.

  • Fixed an issue with students appearing on the Attendance Counts report with attendances under the incorrect rank style.

  • Fixed an issue on the Enrollment Kiosk where students were not being properly placed on autoCharge after having their membership set up for them on a tablet.

  • Fixed an issue with SMS replies not appearing on a contact's profile in Spark after being sent by a contact.

  • Fixed an issue with the Print Address/Mailing Labels option in the All Contacts report redirecting to an error page.

  • Fixed an issue with contact DOB not being properly saved on their profiles when that information was submitted via a checkout page purchase or a form/survey submission.

  • Fixed an issue with MIA automations firing off for contacts who were being changed to former automatically on the same day the MIA automation was meant to run for them.

  • Adjusted the membership logs to now include which rank system is attached to a membership upon being created or when a rank system is assigned/removed from a contact's existing membership.

  • Adjusted tasks to now display the text 'No Name on Profile' when a task is created for a contact that does not have a name on file instead of leaving that field blank.

  • Adjusted the membership details page to display a pop up message when changing the payment frequency from 'Twice a Month' to any other option asking you to confirm the next payment due date.

  • Adjusted the 'Search Bar' functionality at the top of your Spark page to list contacts in order of: Active Student, On a Trial, Prospect...... which will make it easier to find certain contacts with needing to go through an entire prospect list.

  • Adjusted the Email Logs page to include date filters which will make it easier to focus on emails sent to contacts on specific days.

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