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All Inclusive guide on how to export from previous CRMs
All Inclusive guide on how to export from previous CRMs

Methods to export from a previous CRM if guide isn't available.

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If your previous CRM guide isn't available in our current list of export guides, here are some methods on how to attempt to export from your previous CRM.

Method 1 : Contacting their support team. (via in-software chat or email)

Contacting their support team will be the easiest way to export your data as it can be either hard to export all your data or a proper export may only be accessible this way. You'll want to request a full export of your contacts data and also membership data if your previous software supports it.

Once you receive any data, please make sure to send it over to:
[email protected]

to be properly cleaned and imported by our data team.

Method 2: Manually exporting

If for any reason there is no support team to contact or they can't assist, you'll want to manually export your data using any reports they provide in the software itself.

This can be reports such as all contact reports and membership detail reports. It's recommended if you're exporting contacts this way, to export them all in a single report if possible to avoid duplicates.

*Please note you'll want to export the report as a CSV (or XLSX) file if possible.

As stated above please send any files exported to:
[email protected]

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to the in app live chat for us to assist.

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