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Transfer financial/card data from WePay
Transfer financial/card data from WePay

How to request a PCI Compliant Transfer of card data (CC & EFT) from WePay to USAePay or Stripe

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WePay does offer a free transfer of card data and is simple and quick to get it started in motion.

Please note this process can range anywhere from 2 week to 6 weeks in length depending on how many requests the companies currently have in queue. Because of this, we do recommend signing up any and all new contacts in Spark to avoid losing their card data and starting this process ASAP to avoid waiting too long for your cards.

BEFORE CONTINUING : Please be sure to get your payment gateway set-up/started before starting this request so we can properly import the data. Refer to this guide here :


Step 1: To start of this transfer you'll want to head over to WePay's request center through this link :

From there, it'll be as simple as filling in details and clicking submit.

Step 2: Once there, enter in your Email you have set up with WePay, Select 'Developer Questions (API)' as the option you'd like assistance with, and select 'Other' as the next option as shown here. If done incorrectly, you'll be incorrectly directed :

Step 3: We'll next want to specify our request. For the Subject please insert :
PCI Compliant Transfer.
and for the Description please insert this text, being sure to replace USAePay with Stripe if you're located outside of the USA.
Please note, Stripe is only used outside of the USA and Canada. :
Hey WePay,

We would like to get a PCI Compliant transfer of card data in motion.
The data will be export from WePay and migrated to USAePAy, a Level 1 PCI Compliant payment gateway.
After inserting these texts, your request should look like this :

Step 4: Double check your request and insure all information in correctly inputted. Once you've submitted your request, WePay will reach out as soon as possible to begin the transfer where you'll be able to CC us to the email chain so we could assist as necessary.

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