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Migrating Your Data Into Spark
Transfer financial/card data from Stripe
Transfer financial/card data from Stripe

How to request a PCI Compliant Transfer of financial (CC & EFT) from Stripe to USAePay or other payment gateway

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Stripe does offer a free transfer of card data and is simple and quick to get it started in motion.

Please note this process can range anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks in length depending on how many requests the companies currently have in queue. Because of this, we do recommend to have this done ASAP to ensure you don't wait long for the cards to fully transfer. Furthermore, we do recommend signing up any and all new contacts in Spark during the transfer process to avoid losing their data.

BEFORE CONTINUING : Please be sure to get your payment gateway set-up/started before starting this request so we can properly import the data. Refer to this guide here :


Please be logged in to Stripe as the owner when doing this.

Please note, Stripe is Only for clients outside of the USA and Canada

Step 1: To start this transfer you'll want to head over to Stripes contact center through this link :

From there, it'll be as simple as filling in a few details and clicking 'Send Email'.

Step 2: Under the account drop down, please select the location you'd like to have the card data transferred from.

Step 3: Under that, make sure "Data Migration" is selected for the "What do you need help with?" box.

Step 4: Please confirm the account ID .

After which, select 'Export data out of Stripe to a 3rd Party' for the 'What type of data migration can we assist you with?' section as shown in the screen shot below.

Step 5: Continue filling out the guide as shown using the selections we recommend
Which processor would you like to export data to?
USAePay (Or other depending on if you're transferring out of Spark.)

What payment types would you like to export?

Which file format would you prefer for your export?

Would you like to export the full set of customers from your account, or only a partial subset?
Full (unless otherwise stated)

Step 6: Once the entire the form has been filled out (excluding the additional info section), please select 'Send Email' at the bottom which will send your request to Stripe, who will reach out ASAP. Please be sure to CC us on the email chain once continued by Stripe to ensure we can properly assist.

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