Exporting from Pulse

Walks you through the process of exporting your data out of Pulse

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To get your Contacts transferred over from Pulse we'll just need you to pull a few reports and send them over to us. We handle it from there.

What is included in the export from Pulse? :
What will be included in your export will be : Your contacts' information (Memberships, Personal Info).
Financial data is explained at the bottom of the guide.

POS is not exportable from the system nor does their support team provide it.

First you'll want to start off by exporting your All your contacts.
From the left side, select the contacts tab, and under people navigate to the Smart Lists section.

Once there, you'll want to "Create Smart List". We'll need this to actually export the contacts. Go ahead and create it with whatever name and description desired.

Once created, go ahead and Export as CSV. You'll want to ensure no filters are present in order to export all contacts. This export will be sent to your email. Please note this can take a couple hours to receive, so please wait to receive this before sending us the rest of your data.

Next, navigate to Reports on the sidebar, and then go to Membership>Active. Simply export this file.

Next will be Attendance and Past Invoices. From Reports, go to Attendances and set the dates from as early as possible to the present as to get All attendance as shown and then proceed to export :

For Past Invoices, navigate from Reports> Finances > Invoices. Set the date filter as you did for the attendance report and proceed to export.

After successfully following all previous steps, go ahead send over all of the reports that you just pulled to our data team at
[email protected].
Please be sure to include your Spark ID found at the top left of your Spark Software for quick identification :).

We'll provide an ET on when it'll be imported on retrieval


If you're currently using Stripe with Pulse and would like to transfer your financial data (CC/ACH), please follow the guide we've made : HERE

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