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Transfer financial/card data from PaySimple
Transfer financial/card data from PaySimple

How to request a PCI Compliant Transfer of financial (CC & EFT) from PaySimple to USAePay or other payment gateway

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If you're exporting from ZenPlanner, your contacts' financial information (CCN, ACH Info) is in PaySimple's possession. If you'd like this information to come over, you will need to call PaySimple and ask for an export of your Contacts' financial information, as mentioned below.

Please be sure to read this entire guide to not miss any important information.

BEFORE CONTINUING : Please be sure to get your payment gateway set-up/started before starting this request so we can properly import the data. Refer to this guide here :
Please note this process can range anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks in length depending on how many requests the companies currently have in queue. Because of this, we do recommend to have this done ASAP to ensure you don't wait long for the cards to fully transfer. Furthermore, we do recommend signing up any and all new contacts in Spark during the transfer process to avoid losing their data.
As of 08-31-2022: PaySimple is charging a base $750 fee for each exportation request.
To have your export process started, you can reach them at: (800) 466 0992.
*Do note that PaySimple's export is unique and is missing any identifiers that'd allow our team to match the cards to your contacts on your behalf. Because of this, once we receive the cards, they'll then have to be matched from the card to the Spark Contact, by your team/school in order to be imported.
To avoid paying this fee and the process of matching the cards, you could recollect using sparks recollection feature shown Here

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