Exporting from ZenPlanner

Walks you through the process of exporting your data out of ZenPlanner

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To get your Contacts transferred over from ZenPlanner we'll just need you to pull a few reports and send them over to us. We handle it from there.

What is included in the export from ZenPlanner? :
What will be included in your export will be : Your contacts' information (Ranks, Memberships, Personal Info), and Attendance. Financial data is referenced at the end of the guide.
The reports we need are as follows: Attendance, Bills, People, and Memberships. You can follow along with this guide to get all of the relevant information out of the reports.

Note: Please make sure to use the Master Login to extract all information.
First off, we need to create a New Report.

Next, we'll have to choose a report. The ones we are interested in are underlined in red.

If you look in the top right, you'll see a grey button with wrench icon labelled 'Edit Report Settings'.

Go ahead and check off every single box and click Refresh Report when complete. 

Once you've done that, there is only one thing left to do. Go ahead and remove any filters that may be affecting the output of the report. Once done, click the refresh button.    

You're now ready to download the report by clicking the download icon in the top right and selecting 'CSV".

Follow the same process for the other 3 reports and once you have all 4 reports downloaded, attach them to an email and send it over to us at [email protected].

Please be sure to include your Spark ID in your email for quick identification :).
(This can be found at the top left of your Spark Software)

*If you're having difficulty loading the attendance export, please use the minimum required columns listed here :
Att., Barcode, Belt Size, Canceled, Check In Date, Date, First Name, Person, Name, Membership Label, Membership, Membership Category, Last Att. Date, Last Name, Program, Rank, Session Type



Please note if your processor is instead Card Pointe, you'll want to email a request to request a data transfer agreement from Kate:
[email protected]
for a export of your Contacts' financial information.

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