Exporting from MyStudio

Walks you through the process of exporting your data out of MyStudio

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To get your Contacts transferred over from MyStudio we'll just need you to pull a few reports and send them over to us. We handle it from there.

What is included in the export from MyStudio? :
What will be included in your export will be : Your contacts' information (Ranks, Memberships, Personal Info), Past Transactions, and Students' Memberships.
Financial data is explained at the bottom of the guide.

First off, you're going to want to navigate from your Dashboard to the All Customers Section.

Step 1 - Click on the "All Customers" tab , (1) navigate to the 'Participants' > 'All' tab. Once there, just (2) check off the top left checkbox to select all students and then (3) export them onto a csv by clicking the export icon above the column names.

You can then do the same steps for the Trial report if you'd like to bring these over:

And then finally, do these same steps on the 'Primary Customers' Tab:

You can then navigate to the 'Leads' directly above the 'Primary Customers'. Once there, (1) set the filter to 'All Status' as shown to get all leads. (2) Click the filter button to then reset the filter. Once it loads, (3) click on the top left Check box here as well to select all contacts, and then the 'Export' button as shown.



Step 2 - After the contacts are downloaded, navigate from Participants to Programs. From here, you'll want to assure you get all Memberships including On Hold and Completed ( if you're not including these, please let us know in the email with your data), so (1) change the filter to contain All Statuses. Afterwards, please make sure to refresh list list by clicking the Filter button to the bottom of the pop up. Then please ensure to select all programs by (2) ticking off the top left box to select all. Finally, once all Memberships are showing and they're all ticked off, you may (3) Export selection.



Step 3- Now with your memberships downloaded/exported, you're going to want to export your past transactions as well. To do this, go to the "Payments" section to view all your past payments.

From here you'll want to (1) change the time slot its showing from "Last 30 Days" to "Date Range".

In Start Date and End date Slot enter :
"01/01/2000" as the Start Date
and "01/01/2024" (or whatever year is next) as the End Date.
This will ensure all transactions are collected. After all transactions are loaded, (3) go ahead and click "Export" to export all of them.



After successfully following all 3 steps, go ahead send over all of the reports that you just pulled to our data team at
[email protected].

Correctly following these steps you should have 5 files.
Please be sure to include your Spark ID at the top left of your Spark Software for quick identification :).

We will have it imported for you within 3-5 (can vary on how busy it is) business days if everything we need is present.


As for financial data, please follow this guide provided and be sure to let us know in your data transfer email that you've sent this request to WePay : https://help.sparkmembership.com/en/articles/6680728-pci-compliant-transfer-from-wepay

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